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Bolt listing

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Ready to get started on my 300tdi 110 CSW chassis swap, does anyone have a full list of the bolts required for the chassis parts, I have a list for the body to chassis, what I'm after is the listing for all the chassis suspension brackets tank supports , turrets that sort of thing. Don't want to buy a S/S set and I can get all the fixing via works trade account.


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The part numbers sometimes give the dimensions. For example:


BH - bolt, hex head

6 - UNF

12 - diameter in 16ths of an inch (in this case 3/4")

32 - length in 8ths of an inch (in this case 4")

1 - not sure, finish code perhaps?

More info here: http://www.pegasusparts.co.uk/ourshop_90073/cat_523188-04-Nuts-Bolts-Washers-and-Sundries.html

Putting the part number into Google will sometimes give you the size, plus some of the parts catalogue list the size.

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To find thread & other info for most LR fasteners I just type the part number in to http://www.lrseries.com/ the details usually gives the relevant info -------- for example bolt radius arm to axle --- bh116207 = http://www.lrseries.com/shop/product/listing/3360/BH116207-BOLT-M16-X-100.html?search=bh116207&page=1 see details to right of picture.

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Spot on guys, I'll build a list, I would put the diagram up for the chassis but the forum wont allow me to post an image

should allow you to post a image no larger than 2mb, use the 'more reply options' & attach files lower left of the text box, it'll upload direct from your pc once you told it which image or use a live link to a photo hosting website

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Well heres the chassis list, cant claim the credit , but can't remember who posted originally

The next is the full listing, taken from the link earlier, so that will make the shopping list.

You'll find that diagram in my 'a new chassis for my 1989 110' thread on here, but I'm not claiming it as my original, it was borrowed from http://defenderchassis.co.uk/en/Lifting_Defender_body_off_its_chassis & added the hand written notes.

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