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Bulkhead - are these brackets needed for a 200tdi

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My spare bulkhead is going to be galvanised on Thursday. It's all prepped, but it has some brackets either side of the transmission tunnel that I don't think are needed. They don't appear on my current bulkhead, but can someone else confirm before I chop them off?!

You can see them here.



In the bottom photo, It's the three tabs on the right and one on the left of the tunnel. I think the one on the left will foul the turbo, but just want to confirm they need to come off so I can chop them off before galvanising!

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Rich, mine is an unmodified TD5 bulkhead with a Defender 200tdi and nothing touches. Is that bigger bracket for the engine bay fusebox ?


I don't know Mo. I was comparing them last night though and i cant see it fitting next to the turbo/exhaust/inlet manifold. Could you take a look at yours to see if they are present if you get a moment?

Looking at Skauldys thread on galvanising, none of those brackets are there on his.

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The td5 doesn't have the ones protruding from the top of the footwell, it has the ones inside the bell housing recess and another, flatter one welded above the drivers footwell to take the td5 expansion bottle.

Those extra tabs must be for the 300 as Lewis already said.

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