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Oil pressure warning light

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Had an on going problem my oil pressure warning light keeps flickering intermittently and sometimes stays off.

Seems to be more of a problem after start up than when the engine is warm.

Checked oil level that's fine, also fitted new oil pressure switch so not that. Even replaced spade end connection to switch as the old one was loose.

Any ideas it's a 300tdi engine.

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Funny enough due for a service and when I checked oil level it was on low side, I only had some 10 40 available so topped up with a litre of that till I get around to doing service and oil change.

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Last one I fitted was a Bermach been fine upto couple months ago. Registered mileage is 140k but can't confirm that's correct.

I will carry out full service asap see if that helps sort it.

Had couple of conflicting suggestions regsrds the correct grade of oil to use. What's the general consensus based on a well worn engine ?

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Any synthetic oil is wasted on a 300Tdi, sure you can use it but its akin to feeding pearls to swine, just go for a good quality Diesel 15w/40 grade mineral oil, Castrol, Mobil etc. use genuine Land Rover or Mahle filters and change it regularly every 10,000 kilometers or 6000 miles.

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