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Best insurance providers

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My insurance is up for renewal looking for a company who don't mind upgrades like fitting rear forward facing seats.

20 year old defender registered as commercial.

Last company was cheap enough but wouldn't allow me to fit rear seats.

Any recommendations

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Other than the thought of fitting the rear seats, do you have any modifications?

If standard(ish), I would suggest the NFU but call your local office and NOT their central call centre - they may not always be the cheapest but they are incredibly efficient.

If you have modifications, try Academy Insurance or speak to Leena Marsh at Heritage Insurance - both have specialist schemes for modified vehicles.

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Got a few options to try now. Just one more night shift then I can start rimging around. Unfortunately I don't have a garage and average just under 10k a year so that's a bit restricting. On the plus side it's fairly standard and I intend keeping it that way for a while.

Appreciate all the feedback

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Cheers for that tip I will add them to my list of insurers to call. I reckon I have about 6 companies to ring now, see which gives the best cover at a reasonable price.

Thanks again everyone for the feedback as always much appreciated.

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mine is modified, everything listed, heated seats, heated front screen, roof lights, rear work lights, front spots, jackable sills, 2 inch lift, winch and bumper, 2nd batt, mss box in back, remap, led lights apart from headlights, different rear spare wheel carrier - you get the idea,

NFU have been perfect, laurencekirk office in aberdeenshire

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Tried nfu local office would not insure me with my post code, weird it a nice quite area.

Tried link from above got quoted £550 so continued ringing. Eventually settled with Lancaster insurance worked out around £340 a year allowed mods covered green laning and off road agreed a price. Only down sides max mileage 8k per year which is less than my annual anyway. The other is an excess of £650.

Got extra 25% discount for joining series 3 and 90 110 owners club which is £20 a year.

Good price.

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