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Truetracs - front vs rear


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I run a truetrac in the front, don't notice it.

I have a detroit locker in the back, fitted at the same time, the traction overall is incredible, goes a lot further before getting stuck.

As to the difference with just a truetrac in the rear, it should be better, but if a wheel lifts it may need a tad of braking to make it operate, the locker is always in.

I'd save up for a rear locker and put the truetrac in the front if it was me.

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Well....actually that´s not my question, I am not confusing the Detroit Locker with the Truetrac. The question is, the truetrac diff has different part numbers for rear and front applications. what are the difference between them, and can a front truetrac go in the rear or vice versa!


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Looking at Ashcrofts site, they are not interchangeable.

Don't know why, perhaps its a strength issue.

the preload on the bevel springs are diffrent between front and rear, I understand the rear has more and the front a little less so it does not mess up the steering,

you can put a front in the rear but it may not work as well as a rear one would,

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Dave do you do an LSD for a Salisbury?

we are only able to offer the ARB or Detroit locker, I asked Tractech to make a Truetrac for the Salisbury but the minimum order was 100 units which I declined as although I would sell a few, it would take about 20 years to sell 100,

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As RED90 says,the internal gears in a rear truetrac are assembled the opposite way round to those in a front truetrac.

The torque biasing effect of a truetrac is not the same when driven forwards(i.e. vehicle going forwards) as it is when driven backwards.When driven backwards,they allow less differentiation of wheel speed,so act almost like a locker,which is most undesirable on the road (but when stuck in the sh*t they are actually more likely to get you out if you reverse!)

Due to this difference of opperation depending on the direction they are driven,and the fact that the front and rear diffs on a 4wd are going in opposite directions,the truetrac intended for the front diff is assembled the opposite way to that intended for the rear.

In truth,I dont understand how the truetrac works,dispite having looked at all the diagrams,but there used to be an in depth explanation on the Tractech web site.This website seams to have disappeared since Eaton bought Tractech.

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I have front tru-tracs in both the front and rear diffs of my disco and they are working ok.

This is what the Australian distributor recommended to me. Said they have fitted many front tru-tracs into rear diffs without problems.

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Put it in the front!

My friend has a TT in his 1989 RC. I have one waiting on the shelf for installation in my wifes D2.

I put a TT in the rear of my RRC first. Had issues with understeering when going in deep snow.

After about 6 months I put one in front as well and it behaves very beautifully.

Using this as a reference my frind just added to the front and he can follow me on trails where I go with front+rear TT and 7.50 Michelin XCLs. He has TT only front, road tires standard size and is very much more gentle with his vehicle. He follows me on rather rough tracks and once had to be winched out, but I bruted my way through. Still open question if I would have made it going as slow as him.

you can see pics here:


pages 6-10 especially.

Put it in the front!


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