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chassis paint


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I'll have to repaint parts of the 110 SIII chassis after some welding, Will also try and paint the axle in the same go.

I don't intend to take the chassis and axle completely apart, I'm actually just replacing the front-rearspring outriggers (welding new on) and will give the chassis a good paint.

What paint do you advice?

- I read rustoleum isn't advices as it doesn't mix with other paints (normally I'd mix rustoleum with some black metal paint)
- I read RX5 requires the steel to be paint free (isn't gonna happen)



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On Friday, October 21, 2016 at 2:07 PM, mickeyw said:

I'm currently using Buzzweld's Chassis In One.

Very pleased with the results. Very quick drying too.

I've been using it also. Comes up lovely.

He does some more expensive stuff that works even better over rust, but best to have a chat with Craig and see what suits your wallet and application best. 

Easily found, both on Facebook and www.buzzweld.co.uk

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I was wondering why you would want to mix anything with paint and was about to ask the question why?

Then I googled Owatrol and now I am much wiser and understand - but why have I not heard of this stuff before? does it really work on LR rear crossmembers?

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