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Suspect lift pump.

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Evening all, I've had a bit of a problem tonight and would like to hear your thoughts on the matter. 

So I've been doing a daily 76 mile commute in my 300tdi 130 for the last few weeks with out any problems. Tonight I did the 33 miles home with no problems,  I stopped for half an hour and then went out again, didn't get a mile when it started dying on me. It would rev up and then fall then rev then fall to the point of not running. After some investigation no fuel was coming through the lift pump. With a make shift water bottle filled with diesel fuel tank I managed to get it to a safe place. So I suspect it's a knacked lift pump, do you agree with me? The only reason I'm querying it is I thought they would still run without the lift pump working.

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Agree about fuel supply. I had the same symptom years ago, not a Landy but exactly the same rise and falll. I picked up tank sediment and it got to the fuel filter glass bowl thing. I was too young and had no prior knowledge and drove about two hours like that until I got home. Cleared the filter the next day and it was fine. 

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In fact, I had this once and uncle had to come out and tow me home. I had driven about 30 miles out into the sticks to pick up a forum purchase. Half way home the engine almost died then picked up then tried to die again and became impossible to drive on a small windy country road.  

Turned out to be the fuel filler cap. It had lost its ability to breathe, mysteriously. Once undone and removed all was well, refitted and was fine and has been since. 

Something you could look at anyway ...




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So I went and sorted it this morning. First thing I did was try and blow down the line from the tank. I couldn't blow down it at first and then with a pop it cleared. So there must be something floating around in my tank that blocked it. I fitted the new Delphi lift pump I picked up yesterday while I had the pipes off. Thanks for your input.

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