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  1. Early pumas had pump problems yes, only true way to test an abs sensor properly is with an oscilloscope to verify the waveform.
  2. Really common td5 fault too.
  3. Range rover classic is also the same
  4. Yes the clutch spring had broken and the tabs have ripped away. After doing it I think these are actually nicer to do than td5 made up my own short alignment tool on the lathe as the splines on the box are the same as the old one, but the spigot end is much smaller. Very important not to compress the release bearing/slave or pump too fast when bleeding as it destroys them, all included in the clutch kit instructions.
  5. Anyone actually done one yet? Doesn't look too difficult (famous last words) anything to look out for in particular? Can you get away with just sliding it back like the old ones? It's out of warranty and I've been down that route already she's 2008.
  6. It's not a loop, but an actual small radiator. I'd rather not guess and end up having to get another gearbox thanks very much. Hopefully someone who's done it will be along...
  7. I dont want to go for a drive and it have no fluid in it. Is there a one way valve? What temp does the thermostat open at? Do I need to drain the cooler?
  8. What's the correct procedure for filling the R380 with the gearbox cooler (the large type not bog brush) on a wolf to achieve the right oil level? I can't find any reference to it.
  9. Thats the way Hobsons used to stack them before they were stripped for rebuilding.
  10. I threw one in the bin last week! Try your local Landy Garage more than likely they'll have an old one lying about.
  11. This is what it seems Lasalle are covering their roof liners in http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/U-pol-Raptor-Tough-Urethene-Coating-Truck-Bed-Liner-in-Black-Trailers-Boats-/130609804201?pt=UK_Body_Shop_Supplies_Paint&hash=item1e68f373a9
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