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  1. I’m sure Withams has a LHD Wolf at the LRO show in Peterborough last week. Exmoor Trim also had a prototype padded roll cage and soft top similar to the NAS 90 model. The padding was missing the textured finish of the NAS90 and SV90, but apparently they are working on that.
  2. Thanks, Eightpot. There are any number of freight forwarding companies here. We will need to ID one relatively soon to ship our household effects, but my concern is finding one that will understand, and be familiar with , the UK requirements for import. I will take you up on your offer for contact details via PM. Many thanks. Mark
  3. Just noticed that MinistryofDefender http://www.ministryofdefender.co.uk/custom-land-rover.html claim to build new 300tdi defenders from new and refurbished parts, and then register with DVLA as a new vehicle. How is this possible without using an existing VIN? Or does this result in a Q plate. Would this be an option for me in order to avoid the need to buy a donor? I ask because, having just researched 2nd hand defender prices, the asking prices seem extremely high even for basket cases. Thanks again Mark
  4. Thank you all for your replies. So if a 110 VIN would not be acceptable in UK, there would be no point in registering the vehicle in Oman first. I purchased a crash damaged td5 90SV, from which I salvaged a number of parts, and for which I still have the VIN plate, but I suspect that registering in Oman with that VIN would still leave the problem of using a second hand chassis. Best bet seems to be, as Eightpot suggests, to bring the vehicle over as an unfinished project, purchase a donor in UK, and rebuild the donor on a new chassis with my “shiney” parts. Would this be the least
  5. Thanks, Mike. Axles, engine, gearbox, and suspension all came from the same discovery. These bar the suspension were fitted to my old 110, before being removed and fitted to my 90. Bulkhead is new, chassis 2nd hand. I have the VIN from the donor discovery, which should allow traceability of serial numbers fitted, but would that help given they are now fitted to a defender? Bringing the vehicle over in one piece would certainly be preferable. If I were able to register the vehicle in Oman under the 110 VIN, which it seems is acceptable in Oman, and even though it would not be roadwo
  6. Hi All, Hopefully, this is the correct forum, but please feel free to move... I am wondering what would be the best way to import a “bitsa” D90 from Oman to UK. I de-registered my old 110 years ago, and salvaged as many parts as possible to build the 90. I built the D90 on a second hand galvanised chassis. 300tdi engine and auto box from my old 110 conversion - originally from a disco. New galvanised bulkhead. All door frames, capping etc galvanised. Griffin exhaust. Td5 fuel tank. SS brakelines. Discovery axles. Custom dash NAS style padded roll cage from a 90SV. New ROW chas
  7. If the area where the seal contacts the shaft is damaged / worn / you will have difficulty making a leak proof seal even with genuine parts. Both my 90 and my discovery II leaked like sieves with genuine seals. After fitting Zeus seals both steering boxes are sorted. I believe that the Zeus kit seals to a different area of the shaft avoiding the damaged / worn areas. Bloody tight fit to get the Zeus seals in though! as to why it only leaks at full right lock, I would guess that the pump is producing maximum pressure on full lock - both at full left and full right. Not sure why it’
  8. Thank you both for the feedback - nice to know I’m not being a complete idiot! I’ll give James a call as meeting halfway would be difficult - I’m in Oman, so halfway would be somewhere near Istanbul... Again, many thanks..
  9. I know this is an old thread but ..... I am having a hell of a time trying to fit a Griffin side exit exhaust to my D90 300tdi. I have a td5 rear tank fitted and simply cannot get the exhaust to fit without fouling the heat shield on the tank. I’ve tried every combination of hangers that I have to reposition the exhaust but it seems that I will need to shorten the exhaust by a few inches or reposition either the fuel tank or the upper links.... Given the quality of the exhaust I have to suspect I’m doing something wrong. I’ve spent hours on this! Does anyone have pictures of the com
  10. I had the same problem - galvanised chassis and galvanised bulkhead, with a >10 mm gap. The bulkhead was a new, unused item, which was within a few mm of fitting before I had it galvanised, so I was confident that the galvanising process had distorted the bulkhead slightly. I didn't fit a support bar to the bulkhead mounts before galvanising. I took Dave's approach and used a hi-lift jack to spread the bulkhead, however my jack was too short to fit between the A pillars. I installed one mounting bolt and then jacked against a chassis rail and the other A pillar using softwood pads.
  11. Western, you're a Scholar! Just removed my cowl and checked the part number - ESR 3276, i.e. a Discovery cowl. Looking closely at the pictures you supplied, I can see that the circular 'cut out' for the fan blades seems to be offset lower on the Defender cowl. I would never have thought of this, and I've never seen it mentioned in any conversion write ups. Good call and many thanks!
  12. The fan cowl is the original from the Discovery donor...
  13. You do, yes. The Discovery radiator mounts are 'U' shaped brackets extending about 20mm (ish), tack welded to the bottom of the radiator frame. I have removed these and fitted spigots that locate in the isolating rubbers fitted to the chassis mounts. If you imagine a straight line drawn across the wing tops, the top of the radiator sits slightly below this line. Just drove home and spent another fruitless hour trying to spot the obvious. Still stumped...
  14. After a (very) long lay off, I've finally found the time and money to continue my 90SV rebuild. After fitting an exhaust, I hooked up the battery to check for exhaust leaks - engine ran fine, no exhaust leaks, but coolant temp climbed quite rapidly. Given it's 44C in the shade and I'd not fitted the viscous fan, I wasn't too worried. Refit the viscous fan, thinks I, and check her again... Problem - the fan won't fit. With the fan loosely placed in the shroud and the blades in contact with the bottom of the shroud, the engine pulley nose sits about 50mm below the centre of the fan, i.e. th
  15. Interesting. Does a ROW spec harness: Have the AMP type connectors? Would it be (almost) plug and play with a tdi 300? Would the TD5 rear harness and wing harnesses need much modification? I assume that the TD5 gauges mod that you have detailed elsewhere would be needed? Thanks for this info, James. I'll drop you a PM Mark
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