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  1. And you will hand them your life savings in return.
  2. IMO, it is more a problem of when the hardware fails, there will be no cost effective replacements. That is the way with all modern cars. When they get to 15 years old, they become much too expensive and sometime impossible to keep running. These particular vehicles are so very complicated that it just makes it much worse than a typical car.
  3. They do care about it though. I know a lot of owners of newer Land Rovers that are abandoning the brand solely due to the number of problems that they have had. I'm not sure what you think of their sales numbers, but their sales numbers have drop dramatically over the last two years. Reliability and making cars that look the same as everything else on the market. In any case, this thread is on the Defender replacement. My point is that if they really want to make money (they are losing hand over fist right now) then that vehicle "could" have been something different and could have been one to allow them to get back into markets that they lost a long time ago. Making another vehicle that aims for the same markets they are already in is not a way to make a serious change in their profits.
  4. The problem with the first point is their reliability ratings are horrible, right or wrong and the people spending that sort of money have been put off the whole brands. To the second part, you are limiting your view to farmers and the UK. That is not what 4x4s sell to these days. Jeep sells over 200000 Wranglers per year in the US alone. None of that is to farmers. It is selling a lifestyle to people that do not want to be like everyone else. 99% of these people never go of road. But, if they want, they can throw on 35s with no mods, drop to 8 psi and tackle the hardest trails with no concerns and little chance of body damage. In the markets that have real overland use, everyone uses Landcruisers and Patrols. They are simple, they are rugged and they can be modified easily to suit the needs. This new Defender will be very complex and expensive and difficult to modify so will not break into that market. The problem with a lot of people posting here is they run around with brand blinders on. They have not used all for the competition in anger. And they limit their view to a little island in the Atlantic. Get out in the world and see how people use these vehicles. Wheel with them, travel with them, see what is important to their buying decisions.
  5. Great numbers to who? I'm sure they will claw back some of the lost market and lost sales they have seen in the last couple of years, but I can't see it doing any more for than than that. They had the opportunity to dig into completely untouched markets that would have made a huge impact on the brand sales, but they are missing out on that.
  6. Looks nice. I see they do a 5 piece kit with different sized on each end. https://www.sealey.co.uk/product/5637204732/brake-pipe-spanner-set-4pc-ratcheting https://www.rapidonline.com/sealey-vs0343-flare-nut-spanner-set-4pc-ratcheting-89-6987
  7. People do want it to be a proper 4x4. But that is clearly not what they are building and because of that they are not going to win away any sales from the Land cruiser, Patrol and Wrangler buyers. They clearly have no concept of what the buyers in that marketplace want in a vehicle.
  8. Really? Maybe from a UK perspective. From a world perspective, they are not. They had a chance to make serious gains by taking a chunk of the huge Wrangler and Landcruiser market. Even a small chunk would have been a huge gain for such a small car maker. But they do not seem to want to take on anything new. Just a little chip into the tiny market that they currently cover.
  9. The problem with what there seem to be trying to produce is that the only market share they are going to win is what they lost with the Disco 5. So, at best, they are back to where they were in 2016. This vehicle is not going to win over any Landcruiser, Patrol or Wrangler buyers. I doubt it will sway many that are planning to purchase similar priced SUVs (BMW, Audi, Volvo, MB). It is really unclear to me as to what market they are expecting to win over.
  10. Yes. They were never "meant" to have vented discs. Adding it is something people do, but it was never designed to work with them on purpose.
  11. No rush. It would be nice one day to figure this out. There must be some variable that is not obvious.
  12. Yes. This has been discussed before. Vented calipers on early hubs can hit each other. some people say they don't have the issue. Nobody seems to have figured out why. Western, can you look at yours and see how much clearance exists? Maybe take a picture.
  13. Here is a new link to a parts page and the part numbers. But....I don't believe that LR sells any of the resistors and harnesses anymore. I "assume" you would be UTP1904. I'm 90% sure it is discontinued. http://new.lrcat.com/#!/1228/12822/13493/1050/13558 UTP1281 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER [ - (V)LA939975 ] UTP1904 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER [ (V)MA939976 - (V)WA159806 ] UTP1282 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER [ - (V)WA159806 ] JGK100170 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER 12V [ (V)XA159807 - (V)2A633474 ] JGK100160 - HARNESS BLOWER-HEATER 12V [ (V)XA159807 - (V)2A633474 ]
  14. If looking at comparison numbers, the stock heater is around 3 kW. One important item to deal with is the stock vent openings. They are too small for the stock heater. You need to plan to make them larger if you are planning a larger heater.
  15. Red90

    Import Help

    Contact Doug Crowther and let him handle the import. He has imported a thousand Defenders. http://www.dividingcreekimports.com/ As above, if it has a 19J, you will need to get an 11J back in there. Or just buy a different Defender. You can import any original 200TDI and some early 300TDIs.
  16. You can send it to VDO and they will set the odometer.
  17. Okay. I didn't understand your original issue then. The olive must be deformed to seal. That is how it works.
  18. The problem is you will have crushed the olive already. Olives are a single use item.
  19. You need the second page. Where exactly did you find that diagram?
  20. The VDO tubing kit is part number 150-851. Cheap and not hard to find.
  21. It is probably supposed to be 1/4" tube and not 6 mm.
  22. I pressure bleed every car. 20 psi. Never had an issue. Really the easiest way to do brakes and clutches.
  23. You are missing the point. They should be creating a vehicle that is better off road than the previous model AND better off road than any other vehicle being sold for road use today. It should be a world killer. They should be setting a new benchmark that other would need to catch up to. While still being acceptable to drive on road by today's standards. They are not doing that.
  24. They have long arm independent suspension. Even then it is not as good. The serious off roaders tried it and all went back to live axles.
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