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Ultra4 King of Britain 13-15 Oct 2017 Kirton


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we did alright,
dominated legends in qualifying & the races on saturday,
Sunday didnt quite go as to plan with taking a 3rd in the first race & a 4th/5th in the second, we had a few issues including a puncture in the first mile & having to do a full lap on the rim, guys did a super fast wheel change & sent us back out again,

finished the weekend joint first in legends shared with the reul brothers in there 200tdi powered defender on volvo portals


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Great result on a budget!

Are you not carrying a spare wheel on the stage?

Good to see that a landrover based vehicle with the old TDI can still produce results as well. Although i am sure you'd rather have him behind you... 



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We carry a spare but it was faster to have the guys in the pits change it as not only do you have the time lost changing the wheel, but also the faff of getting back in & putting all the safety gear back on,


We did some sums yesterday & we did a full comp Safari event nearly 3 times in the weekend, with our final race being 11 laps of a 4 mile course including 3 decent rock obstacles, so that was a safari in itself.


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