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Radiator prices

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IIR some sell the "radiator" as the rad and the intercooler in one unit. Maybe thats what your looking at?

I was about to say a definite no but went back to check the Rimmer price and £337 _is_ what they quote for BTP2275 which is the Rad only.

But the Rimmer price for Rad + Intercooler (PFI100041) is £346 (vs Paddock £230) which makes me wonder if the Rimmer Rad only price is wrong :unsure:

Regardless will get from Paddok or someone like MM4x4...

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Not sure if the rad is genuine or not. For that sort of money prob not. I do know Island4X4 fairly well. They are a big stockist of Britpart. So that's prob where the rad has come from. Hope that helps.

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Sometimes getting your old rad re-cored is the cheapest option. You still end-up with what is as good as new.

Les. :)

I agree, a backstreet rad shop near me re-cored my 3.9 disco rad and it looked brand new. He apparently recon'd the integral oil coolers too although not sure exactly what this involved Still looked brand new two years and 45k later. Cost less than £100 and it's a big unit. Only problem is that it takes a few days which wasn't a problem for me as I had the heads off at the time anyway!


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i bought one from island4x4 for my defender - and 6 months and a coupl eof thousand miles and all seems fine. (although it didnt like towing a disco on a car trailer up a bl**dy steep hill the other week - got a bit warm) :(

IIRC the box said 'made in china'.... :o

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I got a whole new radiator unit (just the rad not the intercooler or frame) for my old 90 from Bearmach and I seem to remember it was only about £100 so not a lot of point recoring at that price I thought. Seemed well enough made when I got it...

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