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Winters coming

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Winters coming, heater sorted and just fitted a “Haz Rad” kit to the interior. Absolutely in keeping with the Defender as it’s an ex MOD FFR (fitted for radio). The Haz Rad kit was to stop the affects of radios on the signalmen. Not bad for just under £70

ps the photos don’t really show it properly but take my word, it’s nice cosy and neat. 






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10 minutes ago, neil110 said:

Looks like a good piece of kit, just not sure how it offers any radiation protection to the scaly backs if they are inside the vehicle with the radio kit?

Me neither, maybe it was protection from the powerful antennas attached to the side and rear of the defenders, protecting those transmitting from within🤷🏻‍♂️

Would make sense as it covers the roof. 

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1 hour ago, DC_ said:

Looking good platoon, have you noticed a difference in the heat in the cab? Did you source the kit from the eblag? And would you say it adds to sound proofing? 😎

Not tried it yet to be honest. I had driven it when just the front piece was in and it did feel quieter. As for warmth I can't really say just yet but as I've sorted the heater it warms up fairly quick now. It feels cosier and doesn't feel like you're sitting in an empty can now. 

Kit was from fleabay 

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On 11/26/2018 at 3:00 AM, paime said:

Have you got a link to the kit on eBay? My 90 could do with a blanket like that but i don't even know what to search for!

Search for Rad Haz or Haz Rad Andy you should find it. £65 for the whole lot or their abouts. 

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1 hour ago, paime said:

Forgot to add, how does it fix to the side panels? I've got a 90 TD5 so not military spec.

 It should hold up very well as it was designed and used r the military. 

I used self drilling screws and washers into the strengthening box sections of the roof and side walls, yours should have these too hopefully. Be careful what depth screws you get and don't mis aim otherwise you'll put a nice leaky hole (another one) in your defender. 

You don't need many of these fixings as the panels are fairly sturdy. 

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