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LT230 Rebuild issues


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Hi All,

Currently rebuilding a disco td5 LT230T with an Ashcrofts Master Rebuild Kit. I'm at the stage of putting things back together following the manual. I've constructed the centre diff (all the same parts apart from the copper dome washers and the fibre thrust washers.

As soon as I start to tighten the bolts up to clamp the housing together, I'm no longer able to freely turn the gears inside using the front output shaft. It requires a bit of force. The manual suggests that if it's too loose I need to use thicker washers. It doesn't suggest what to do if it's too stiff.

Having measured the thrust washers the old ones were 1.35mm where as the new ones at 1.05mm. If i pop the old ones back in everything turns smooth. Should I get replacement washers at 1.35mm or should 1.05mm be right?



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I rebuilt my transfer box last time but didn’t come across your problem but if you look on YouTube for paddocks Land Rover toolbox videos they will definitely help , the one below is part 1 of overhauling the centre diff . I can’t remember how I did mine now as it was my 1st one but I watched there videos and rebuilt mine it was very helpful.


hope this helps Ian 

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On 12/24/2018 at 10:32 PM, Scotts90 said:

Did you check the load to turn by fitting the drum brake and Spring balance scale as mentioned in the manual? You may find that it's not as tight as you think. Remember it's done without the rear carrier sun gear fitted

Going to do that at the weekend when I can get a hold of a spring balance scale or something akin to that to check. I suspect I'll need thicker washers in order to push the gears closer together (I think they're too far away from the smaller gears)

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