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TD5 gearbox fault

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Driving home tonight on the motorway in my 2004 110 and heard what I can only describe as a ‘camshaft clatter’ sound coming from the gearbox. I was in 5th gear and the more I pressed the accelerator the louder it got. Depressed the clutch and it disappeared. Changed down into 4th and it disappeared too. Put it back into 5th and the noise returned and was quite loud over the noise of the engine and road noise.

Left it in 4th for the remainder of my trip but noticed later as I went up and down through the gears what sounds like bearing noises similar to a drone/whine in all 4. I’m assuming something has gone in the box and that it will need to come out to be stripped and checked but just wanted to see if anyone has any other thoughts on a possible cause?

Gear change itself was fine and it drove as normal except for the noise. New clutch and flywheel recently fitted so am assuming they are all good.

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7 hours ago, cackshifter said:

I have a feeling Ashcroft's have a mention of the bearing supporting 5th gear gradually failing on R380s

I’ve just read that on their website and by the sounds of it a new box with an uprated 5th gear bearing is on the cards 😞

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It does sound like the 5th gear carrier bearings, mine did the same at about 120,000 miles. I ordered a box from Ashcrofts and they had it delivered to Ireland in 72 hours, it's done 20k so far and very pleased with it. I opted for the uprated bearings and had them pop a v8 5th gear ratio at the same time.

They didn't offer the exchange pallet for the old box as I was out of England so I waited until back a few months later, dropped it with them / received the surcharge back. There's mixed reviews about Ashcrofts on the net but I'm very happy with the service and the product.

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