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  1. Any recommendations for a dab aerial, prefer roof mounted to get a better signal, but would need to mount it in front of the sunroof as got 3/4 length roof rack fitted.
  2. Had fun and games doing rear crank seal as its been done before and silicone everywhere, dowl pegs come out slightly so bottom half of seal would not come out easy. Will get pics when I get around to fitting it as it's an In between job.
  3. There's no square plug on the back. Only a 7/16 headed bolt head so after looking appears is the level plug Filler is on the top
  4. Whitehouse & son rebuilt it. There was some studs missing when I sent it to them, seized pins for transfer levers, seized handbrake actuator. On return all new studs fitted, new handbrake expander, all pivot pins replaced and sticks even painted up. My boss who owns it said the box should be in a cabinet its so nice.
  5. Just got gearbox and transfer box back from reconditioned, gearbox is easy enough to fill and set the level but the transfer box don't have the plug on the side as shown in manual to set oil level. There is a bolt on back face by handbrake drum approx 7/16 or 1/2 head size, is that the level check Can someone help?
  6. Mine was from fourby. Its made by turbo technics so a good quality rather than a rebranded Chinese core. Mine spools from about 1400rpm.and full boost at 1800ish. I run it at standard pressure of 1.1bar
  7. Look on ashcroft site, theres a choice of 3 replacement drilled gears to fit original non drilled gear t box depending on serial number
  8. I'm running Clutch fix clutch 25k miles and most is running in excess of 2.8t and towing upto 5 ton off road across fields 3 ton on road on no issues so far
  9. Just fitted the uprated one. Starts to spool from about 1400rpm. Set boost to 1.2bar. More than happy as engine don't have to be doing 2200rpm upwards to be driveable, which means less gear changes
  10. Bearmach have agreed to send replacements. They arrived today and I thought great I can change them tomorrow as day off. Opened bag and there is 1 Bush.......
  11. No not a problem I have seen bushes fitted with lump hammers and then wonder why they split. The radius arms are 1 of the few you can tighten up unloaded as they don't twist as the 2 bushes hold the axle in the same place. I do tighten the big nut on the back fully once weight is on and settled. It's frustrating as I avoid blue bag products for this reason and never had a issue with bearmach products in the past. This time of year my working week gets longer so dont have much time to keep replacing things for no reason
  12. Awaiting reply from bearmach but looking at genuine they are £25 each. At that price it's cheaper to go superpro. Believe metalastik are genuine. I suppose if they last another 30 years £100 is not much money but realistically it will be sold on in a couple of years
  13. That's odd as my mate has a recently released 1996 wolf and that's running a salisbury axle which is why I thought they were salisbury at that age. Thought the p38 was from about 2001. More new info to put in the memory bin. Everyday a school day.
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