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  1. Tim2809

    Clutch? problem, 110, 200tdi, r380

    If over adjusted it won't allow anymore fluid into the master cylinder with pedal up so can restrict fluid going through to the slave. Also has it still got the slave cylinder spacer fitted between it and the gearbox. Later replacement slaves don't need it
  2. Tim2809

    Pattern bulkheads...

    Bearmach are selling bulkheads with "may need modification" to fit and not oem so probably the same ones So who do people use for replacement bulkheads?
  3. Tim2809

    L320 sport bouncy suspension

    Just an update for those who offered help, compressor was on its last legs so replaced and both front arm bushes were changed as we're so worn it had bent both front shock shafts which is why it would not alter its height.
  4. Tim2809

    200 TDI engine sump - Gasket or RTV?

    Yes. I usually apply to sump then clean block and a cuppa. Even tried the vag sump sealant thank sticks like mad. Came to the conclusion the sump was slightly distorted and was soft around bolts.
  5. Tim2809

    Quick help if possible?

    Would not worry about them being longer. I would want to make sure from the point to the beginning of the thread is the same length.
  6. Tim2809

    200 TDI engine sump - Gasket or RTV?

    Not leaked in over 12 months yet, what I did find with rtv was sump is soft around the bolts so can push the rtv out so had minimal around bolts which is why I tapped the high spots down and tried a gasket
  7. Tim2809

    200 TDI engine sump - Gasket or RTV?

    There is a gasket available that fits the 300tdi sump on ebay
  8. Tim2809

    L320 sport bouncy suspension

    Cheers garry for advice, suspension will stay up for weeks if left stood so don't think there's any leaks. It's booked in with local specialist so their headache now.
  9. Tim2809

    L320 sport bouncy suspension

    Further checks it appears front shocks are not working, air compressor is over heating if lowered and then put in high and now won't go down on the front says extended suspension move from obsticle and retry.
  10. Tim2809

    L320 sport bouncy suspension

    It's able to go through full range of height settings. The back is smooth to ride in but the front feels like if it was old school the shocks are not working. No diagnostics yet as garage can't touch it for 2 weeks
  11. My bosses 2011 rrs tdv6 seems to be very bouncy on front end. Is there any self calibration that can be done or are the air bag/shock combos a common failure at £600 each. Any help appreciated
  12. Tim2809

    Clutch on its way out

    I also have clutch fix HD clutch. Pedal is lighter than standard. Its in a 300tdi but with earlier clutch pedal so has return spring rather than the helper spring.
  13. That's not the water pump. It's the viscous fan mounted on idler. Only available with replacement front cover
  14. Tim2809

    over tight bearings

    I would also check prop uj's as can't see anything on hubs would make it squeal only when pulling uphill. Prop uj will squel when loaded.
  15. Tim2809

    LT77 to R380 conversion

    I did the lt77 200tdi to 300tdi with r380 conversion I fitted it in factory position so needed to replace engine mounts, change both propshafts, seat box and tunnel, oil cooler pipes, coolant hoses, radiator and intercooler, air filter and pipework, coolant expansion bottle and exhaust. Yes it all added up but I now know if something goes wrong I can fit standard 300 parts rather than conversion hoses or having to cut and shut hoses.

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