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  1. Tim2809

    Brake Shuttle valve

    mike. my 110 had that valve and i had brake problems so i took it out and made 2 small link pipes. may have it somewhere still there is no need to change to a 300 master as 1) its only a pressure differentiate indicator 2) you still got 2 circuits off the master so if 1 fails you still have 1 brake circuit.
  2. Tim2809

    speedo drive gears

    i did have a read but im on 235/85/16 and cant find any other options as need less teeth on drive gear
  3. Tim2809

    speedo drive gears

    ive got a 1989 110 running 300tdi, r380 gearbox and 1.2 transfer box. speedo was reading faster than going and had 23 teeth so swapped for a blue 20 tooth drive gear. it has brought speedo closer to telling the truth but still showing 11% faster than actually travelling at and also putting 11% more miles on the clock too. any suggestions as dont think there is an alternative or do i need a new speedo head? thanks in advance
  4. could also be the lift pump diaphragm allowing air in so fuel runs back
  5. Tim2809

    mpg for 300tdi 110csw

    18mpg. brownchurch rack and roof tent. weighs in at 2870kg lucky work supplies fuel foc but think engine has seen better days
  6. Tim2809

    loss of radio reception

    they cant look at it until next thursday so was just hoping something easy to check. centre consol is easy to get out so might pop it out and check back of the radio
  7. Tim2809

    loss of radio reception

    my bosses 2010 facelift range rover sport has lost all radio reception. its full touchscreen in dash unit with sharkfin on roof. recently a garage had dash out to do heater matrix and wondered if theres a plug somewhere i could check. many thanks
  8. Tim2809

    Securing lights !

    if you got an alarm fit a pin switch behind headlight trims, if removed alarm is activated. bolts and nyloc nuts but with standard looking heads will confuse most
  9. sounds like back of ignition switch melted/sticking
  10. Tim2809

    clutch slip

    i mo longer have clutch slip but if i do press clutch pedal abit more than riding the clutch it will slip. main thing is it wont slip and fully engages/disengages thanks everyone for all help and suggestions by rights i should now be bald
  11. Tim2809

    clutch slip

    from hunting around i found i have the correct bearing and pushrod. i made 1 clutch up out of the 2 of the same make i have and initial feel is better. cannot get it to slip when trying to pull away with footbrake applied so fingers crossed
  12. Tim2809

    clutch slip

    engine out and measured. pushrod protrudes 25mm out of slave hole. bearing has about 40mm of clearance at rear so does not appear to be binding. old gearbox had pushrod of 95mm length. replacement has 105mm rod. flywheel has no groves or high spots. checked finger height on clutch before removing and bolted to spare flywheel and both same height bearing face to slipper pad approx 35mm many thanks for all your suggestions so far.
  13. Tim2809

    clutch slip

    had a read. interesting but mine is not a stumpy r380. so confused even more. im pulling engine out now so will see. im going to takee slave off and measure rod protrution before splitting and try and measure where bearing sits and see it its restricted
  14. Tim2809

    clutch slip

    weather permitting i will be pulling engine tomorrow. anyone know dimension of either bearing?
  15. Tim2809

    clutch slip

    its the bearing and fork out the disco i broke. it drove well without any slippage which is why im baffled

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