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Second row seats

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Hello all.

Im a new member and have a question! 
Im currently turning my 110 CSW into a camper, I still want the use of the rear seats however I want to utilise the space underneath. So my question is, can I fabricate a box to fit the length of the second row seats out of metal, removing the existing legs and brackets then mount the seats on top of the new frame/ box. Is this legal, will they need to be crash tested at all? Any knowledge on the subject is greatly appreciated! 

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It's an issue for Puma seats, where the middle seatbelt is part of the seat. The IVA manual has some guidance on what to think about in terms of mounting and bracing - could be worth a read even though you aren't heading for an IVA test.

In reality, you can probably put the seats in with not much more than superglue and gaffer tape and still pass an MoT, and no-one will ask any questions until  those kitten transporting nuns crash into you. Doesn't make it sensible, or legal.

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