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Lightweight 73 Series 3 wiring loom question

Rob Windsor

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There's a company that makes them up for you.

Not perfect, but very close.


Auto sparks. I need to order one for my 72 lightweight, now that you reminded me.


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In my experience, with something S3 vintage anyway, you'll not need to replace the loom. Solder and shrink-wrap, and a scrap loom from eBay usually does a very decent repair for all those PO bodges. Of course if it's past that point...

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Mine is past that point.

All that remained when I took on the project was a few earth straps, and a chunk of battery cable that was used to power a winch at the back.  It was a trials truck.

So am starting from scratch.


Unless someone has a pristine lightweight chassis loom going spare?

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I fitted a complete auto sparks loom to the 88 a few years ago and I can’t fault it. It came apart this afternoon just as easily as it went in. I wouldn’t play around with decades old wiring, just bite the bullet and fit a new one.

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The loom is simple enough for you to build your own.

On the S2 forum there are a selection of easy to follow wiring diagrams, it allows you to make those small mods.  I rewired my S2 for about £70 a few years ago using the diagrams as a starting point.

Some people recommend using  trailer cable to wire the rear lights


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I think with the lightweight it depends on what you would like to end up with.  By this I mean the lights - which are much more complicated with options like convoy lights which extiguish al others and that sort of thing.  Otherwise I don't see any reason why you can't wire it as a civilian S3.

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