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Defender 90 TD5 rear prop

Jon W

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don't think so...

new (post 2002) front propshafts have bigger UJs but I don't know if they are a wider angle

but in a curious decision LR stuck with the same UJs on the back and to my eye the prop on my 90 looks the same as they always did?

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Ah right I miss understood, or confused everyone. I need a new rear propshaft, but it seems it is only the front propshafts that have changed on TD5's.

I will probably just go for a standard rear propshaft as can't justify the cost of a wide angle propshaft at the moment and I can't see myself spending more money on suspension mods for quite a long time.



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Stephen fronts are definatley wider angle I had one side by side with the orig front one previously when I got a new one.

Jon if you keep with a standard then you'll ruin the UJs on a new one too with the amount of travel you have.

you'd better invest in a wide angled variant IMHO

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I think Jonathan's getting a wide angle one made up from the Propshaft clinic now, hopefully that'll sort it. Not sure whether the yokes do touch but I think it's been through a few UJ's and it has always been at the same end so it could well be the problem.


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