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scabby rear x member


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Whilst removing the rear winch I found some scabby rust on the inside of the x member ends where the jacking tubes come through it.

a good bashing with a screwdriver has shown the metal to still be sturdy, I've removed the paints and loose material, I have a choice of coatings to

put on the bare metal(rusty)

suggestions as to the preferred choice?


Zinc rich Red Oxide



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Be careful with the Zinc Rich stuff... Some of these primers with strong solvents are designed to go on bare metal only. I made the foolish / naive mistake of painting the entire chassis with Zinc rich primer and it reacted with the original coatings that were still on there. Unfortunately, it was not a typical blistering, more of a toasting where it slowly became brittle and lifted, so there was no obvious signs until a few days later when it started to fall off in sheets...

I went to Withams in Lowestoft who make the stuff and the Lab Tech told me it was due to the solvent being stronger than the solvent in the original paint...

I'd recommend doing a test piece first and leave it a couple of days.

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