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What is it worth? 2001 Td5 Station Wagon

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If you do not know what it is worth, got any comics to hand? What are people asking? FWIW, 110 station wagons seem to command a HUGE premium over HTs, 90s etc..

I have seen a couple of 110 Station Wagons, they look like a base models rather than County with no extras on, steel wheels etc.. Both are ex-police with 60-70k on and have MOTs. I have not seen them yet, but assuming that they are in OK condition, what are they worth? Price including VAT? I know this is rather an open ended question but from my research in ebay and Autotrader I cannot pin down prices as there are so few for sale.



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I paid £13500 for my 2000 CSW loaded with aircon, winch etc last year which was a good price reflecting poor service history but it was in very good nick, I've seen similar ones for more than that. I have had the oil in loom problem though. Crazy thing about Defender prices is that I could have had an 02 Discovery for the same money. You won't find a TD5 one under £10k, £15k would be an average for 01/02. Well worth trawling the ads in the comics as there are a lot of SWs out there. I had a list of about 15 dealers saved when I was looking but have deleted them now.

If you're looking for something cheaper there is a guy who trades on ebay that always has a few 200/300tdis for £6-9K on his web site.

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Prices vary ridiculously!

I saw a nice metallic 2000, air con full CSW up for £8500 over the winter, was tempted to buy it use for 6 month then sell it on.

At the moment I think you'll struggle to find one under £11,000

Unless it is this one which I don't believe exists as it has been for sale for around 3 months!

The prices go round in a, totally unpredictable, cycle. At the moment I'd consider them as being high

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Pooh! Didn't get one. :(

Of the three up for auction, one was an X-plate with 110k which I decided was too many miles, and the other two were "51" plate, one a 2001MY and the other a 2002MY with the later rear door, better second row seats and later type dash. Of course, I (with help from SteveG) decided on the later one which was also the last to be auctioned. The first two went through within my 10k budget but the one I wanted? Pooh!

I bid up to £8200 which, with 5% buyer's indemnity (on a police car?!) and VAT was beyond my budget. It went for £8300 but there is no knowing where the other bidder would have stopped. :(

TBH, none of them was in very good condition. There was a lot of corrosion on the ali, the body cappings were rusty and there were numerous dents and dings. Perhaps it was a sign. :)

Cheers guys, keep an eye open for me, either a double-cab or a SW. :)


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