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Soft Dash or not to Soft Dash?


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Right, I was looking at a 1992 Rangie, but in true 'me' style, when I got the cash up it sold! :angry: However, a soft dash 1994 model has come up.

Not really considered a soft dash before, but this one looks in really nice condition :ph34r:

What are people's thoughts on soft dash models? Your opinions please!

Pro's / Cons? :huh:

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Soft dash RR classic has the best cup holders of any RR :ph34r:

I bought a P38 4.6 HSE to replace my '94 softdash LSE. But I just can't part with it.

Soft dash classics, and particularly late model LSEs (in black!) are still the best RR ever. :wub:

They just have a classy look and feel that other classics and the P38 never even got close to. Shame they're all old now.

I'll drive the P38 to work, but I'll probably keep the LSE, you can bury me in it one day! :closedeyes:


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Ergonomics of the soft dash aren't as good as the previous dashboard (stalks are too low, major buttons hidden behind the steering wheel), but visually a huge improvement. The dash was the only bit of the truck that had aged really badly - soft dashes don't really look outdated even now.

Not sure which I'd buy if I was in the market for another range rover :unsure:

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Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the man decided to keep it! Ye B*gger!

How come you sold yours? Gone on to something else now?

Hope all is well,


It needed more work than I had time to do (which is a real shame, because it was still a very nice, if slightly scruffy, truck), so I had to conceed defeat. Zuzanna (protoprincess) has it now.

All I've got now is a 300Tdi Discovery, which just isn't the same :(

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I have a really nice 1994 83k mile hard dash vogue se 3.9 manual for sale. would have put it on here but I havent post enough yet

totally original and rust free. best one I have ever seen

link http://www.devon4x4.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3408

hope I havent broken any rules!


Pete, if you know a member of the forum ask them if they would post in the classified section for you or send the mods an email?

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Sorry Pete,

It does look like a gorgeous Rangie, but I'm one step ahead of you! I've already moved to New Zealand!

Shame to give it up, could you not export it to Australia? Few people on here have done it. Doubt you'd find another like that one.

Cheers anyway though!


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