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4x4Adventures Winch Challenge


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Just to keep people updated i am having a little site difficulty for the next even ton the 24 Nov.

With luck entry forms will be out by the end of the week by email and with even mopre luck downloable off the website with Paypal.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

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Well luck is currently short!

Paypal not yet!

Entry forms not yet as site is still tbc.

there will definitely be an event on the 24th its just a case of where. Wellington is a reserve venue if things dont work out next week. I will keep you posted.

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is a roll cage compulsory?

?? What have you got, hard or soft top,,

If you check James's "Challenge Event Rules and Regulations " Here !! you will find the below,


No vehicle will be allowed to compete without some form of rollover protection. A manufacturer's correctly fitted hardtop or Truck-cab shall be deemed sufficient. Soft or open topped vehicles require a minimum of a roll hoop. THE STRENGTH AND SECURITY OF THE MOUNTINGS OF ROLLOVER PROTECTION ARE OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE.

Roll over bar materials should comprise cold drawn seamless carbon steel, minimum yield strength 350N/sq.mm. An alternative material is BS1387 medium weight blue band, minimum dimensions being 44.30mm x 3.2mm.

It is advised that drivers and passengers of soft or open topped vehicles wear crash helmets complying to BS6658 standards.

The Organisers of this Event strongly recommend that all vehicles be fitted with roll over protection.

Have fun !! :D

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Shrek, 0830 scrutineering for a 0900 start.

Venue will be Wellington - Quarry plus 2 other sites NOT Culmhead island, dont worry Ian's bog wont be a large part of it....

All - Entry forms will be out today via email.

Shrek can you drop me an email and i will send you a form. Good effort yesterday, that was us choosing the sh*t route!!!! glad the roll made it through!


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Looks like treebloke might have a bit of competion, not only from the mighty land of yam yams but the same little village.

Well it was little when my dad was a lad.

i wudnt say competition just yet, but il be there lurking at the back for now, in std class, but given time i may build up to modified! yeah wombourne was a little village when i my dad moved here apparently!

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Entries today:

1. Bert and Crig Treelads (Mod)

2. Bob and Dawn (mod)

3. Shaun Houghton (Std +1)

4. Tim Jones + Charles Bishop (Mod)

5. Walfy and Weeble (Std +1)

6. Dorset 4x4 (Std+1)


1. Kevin Williams



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  • 2 weeks later...

Entries update

1 Bob Smith Dawn Smith

2Bert Crig Smith

3 Shaun Houghton

4 Tim Jones Charles Bishop

5. David Webber Mark Walford

6. Jonathon Mortimor Dominic Rowe

7. Ian Moulsdale Ryan Price

8. David White Steve White

9. Simon Bush Lyndsay Mottram

10. Paul Radford

11. Graeme Mitchell Rob Langley

12. Pete Mitchell Adrian Pike


1. Kevin Williams



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