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TD5 wheel bearings


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Am i right in thinking the setup if different to the older vehicles, and that you just fit them in the std way and then use one stake nut done up to a set torque and thats it? (using a new Stake nut), ie no backing off/redo etc?

Are the stake nuts front and rear the same? anyone have a stake nut MPN?

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Yes they are the same back and front.

I do believe it is recommended to do them up, give it all a wiggle and a twirl then torque up to recommeded level - however, dont ask LR dealers what this should be cos so far ive had 3 different answers, 2 from the same garage!

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Junk the stoopid nut, fit two nuts off a 300TDi and the lock washer, then adjust it normally.

Not done this myself, but I understand this is common pactice?


Yes that is the best idea, convert to the old system, the threads are the same so all you need is the 2 old type locknuts and the 2 old type washers one with the tit on to go behind the inner nut and one to hammer over the two nuts once tight.

The Td5 bearings in factory form have a selectable spacer between the two bearings, you choose the right one to get the bearing play correct, fit it between the bearings and then wind the stake nut on the outside up VVVFT and hammer the stakey bit (tech term) over. Don't - as somebody I know once did - put the bearings on without the spacer, then wind the stake nut up to 210nm because the wheel don't turn too well and the bearings get a bit hot :lol:

Messing around finding the correct spacer (there are about ten different sizes) is a PITA and the old system is much better anyway and its also quicker to set up the bearings and can be adjusted anywhere unlike the new system.

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It's worth checking that the current nut is still torqued correctly before you run round looking for new parts. I had play in one set of wheel bearings on my old Td5. Took the nut off the stub and re-torqued it to 210Nm and all play eliminated - just needed a new nut.

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got some now thank you Tony, 4x4 were closed, Anton to the rescue will fit them tomorrow and check for continuance of noise!!! prob change the bearings as well me thinks.

What Nm do you do that first nut upto? then back off and upto What? 40/10?

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In the quest to solve the squeak in the vehicle over Christmas i changed the f/n/s bearings from the td5 style back to the older style.

photo shows top row what comes out, less bearings and race from the left - Stake Nut, large thick washer, (then should be a bearing) then spacer (shown) then 2nd bearing.

bottom shows what you need to replace with (MPN as in posts previous to this one.) Gasket, outer nut, lock tab washer, inner nut, thick washer (in bag), bearing (in box)etc.

(working left to right, wheel to diff)


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