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Bunny lane 27th Jan


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Bunny Lane 4x4 Day

January 27th 2008

Timsbury, nr Romsey, Hampshire

The usual club rules apply.

Start: 1000

Finish: 1600

Difficulty: Intermediate - non-damaging if you stay out of the silly stuff.

Price: £20

Note: You must be a SLRC member to play, you can join by going to the club website for only £10



Burger Van


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Well I'll be there may even test out the newly fitted winch ... that now goes both in and out ... not just in and in even faster!

But you've no idea who I am so that doesn't help you !



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Ok the avatar? should help its my natural position awaiting a recovery after doing something stupid ... the marshalls usually bring deckchairs 'cos they fall over too easy otherwise ... here's a pic but after Slab at the weekend it's not so shiny :D


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I believe Jen is undertaking an extensive portal axle research program on Sunday which involves feeding me cookies till I let her have a drive ;)

At last I hope it involves feeding me cookies :D

i hope to be there to help out as a marshal wont have the series unless you want me to only a normal disco


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A few picamatures from today:

Jen not quite making it through:


A chap clearly owed a cookie or three, he just jumped in to hook the strop on!


A windscreen-deep moment for Rich in the Dlander:


A rather poorly Camel on the way home:


I was following the two-second rule, and then some, and still had trouble seeing where I was going. It's only been back in the UK 6 days, but it seems to have all been too much and the word from Dan is the lump has proper died :( I reckon it's time to put a nice LS1 in there :ph34r:

Nissan thing, 10/10 for effort:


And again, he didn't get out but at least it was entertaining:


Hopefully others have more pics, I know DiscoRyan was playing with his equipment all day so should have some video for us at some point (no pressure Ryan :D )

Anyone with photos please e-mail them to photos@shirelrc.com they will automatically got to Chip for the website & myself for the newsletter.

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I believe Jen is undertaking an extensive portal axle research program on Sunday which involves feeding me cookies till I let her have a drive

Yup! :lol: It was cool B) I like extensive portal research, love the control with the lower gearing, love the ability to play in water with the V8, love the climbing, love the clearance, love the weird feeling of security and stability, love Eddie. Awesome! :wub:

Update on Charlie on the George thread, but after a good day of playing in the mud with no problems he obviously didn't want to leave Bunny lane and the M27 was clearly too much :(

Thanks to (is it Damian? Sorry if I got it wrong), you are truely insane sir! :lol: I knew Charlie wouldn't get through, but you've got to have a try. Rich (Dlander) pulled us out first time from the rear with no worries and he could of done it again, but we were playing a game of 'you have to follow us' with Dave (pope on a rope) so it would have been good to be pulled out forwards so he had to follow us! We were going to pull Charlie out backwards, attach the rope, *then* pull him forwards, but Damian jumped in! Apparently he'd already been in once for his 90 when it was stuck in there so he was already wet :lol: Still, hopefully the bag of cookies warmed him up :ph34r: Still, the plan worked and Pope-on-a-ropes truck was used properly for the first time in years ;):lol:

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