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Can anyone recommend an insurer

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Having real trouble finding anyone who will quote for a 110 with 11 seats and mods (new engine - 200tdi, wheel spacers, snorkel)

As soon as I say it has 11 seats they don't want to know.

So far I have tried:



Adrian Flux


Direct Line

While it only has 5 seats just now, 2 in front, 3 in middle. I want to refit the bench seats soon.

thanks for your help.


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Living in NI we run across this problem all the time. With all sorts not just seats.

Try Aon, you have more or less tried any others I could suggest.

It,s a pity we could not all get to gether and use companies that treat us all the same. I dont mind paying a loading if the area is deemed more likly for a vehicle to be stolen but for them not to quote at all its no fun.

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Try NFU, my 12 seat '89 110 CSW re-engined with a 200tdi is insured through them, £220 comp with business use. (I'm 44, with a clean licence and no recent accidents, living in Leicestershire).

Thanks Jeremy,

NFU keep on cropping up in my search (after posting this). I will phone them on Monday.

a couple of the insurers I phoned were useless when it came to a land rover and what a steering guard or snorkel is or why the engine might be different, and these were advertising in the latest LRO as Land Rover experts.


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Guest wunntenn

I'm with Frizzell - they seemed ok with a TD2.5. to 200TDi swap in a 110, and a recent query about a change of chassis and engine mods attracted an £80 addition to the existing £220 fully comp for a 50 yr old with business and personal use.

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I'm insured with the NFU. :)

Really efficient, pleasant and understanding.

They knew what a Defender was and that it could have 12 seats as standard.

They knew why it might have a snorkel, rock sliders, and why it might have a new engine.

They understood that I would want to go off road and not just down to the local school.

They even said they have just insured a landy fully expedition prepped for a trip to Iceland.

And all for £240 full comp for me and the missus.

I couldn't believe how many of the 'Specialist' Land Rover insurers that advertise in the landy mags wouldn't touch a 12 seat Defender. Pathetic.

And the thing that really puts a smile on my face is that it is the NFU who have just helped my neighbour out when his boss tried to sack him and get a foreign herdsman in instead. The rep was fantastic and really helped him out. Anything that helps them provide this sort of care to our 'rural workers' gets my vote.

Thanks for all your recommendations.


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Why would you need to tell them it's 11 seats when it left the factory with 11/12 seats anyway :unsure:

It's not so much what it left the factory with, but more about insurers generally not wanting to insure a vehicle with that many seats! If you don't check that your insurance covers you for 11/12 seats then you could be in a whole heap of trouble in the event of an accident.

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