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200tdi conversion - air filter set up

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Hi all, just a quick question, on my disco into 90 200tdi conversion i'm currently running my old N/A air box and filter. How much of a difference will this make to performance of the engine? A none, a little or alot? I've only got the old n/a engine to compare to so obviously have no idea!

Cheers :)

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if you have nowhere to connect it feed it into a old plastic bottle or similar, Please don't let it vent onto the road as any oil could cause a accident if a biker slide on oil dropped from your vehicle.

a 300Tdi air filter & mounting could be fitted IIRC others have done that.

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Ahh brilliant idea with the bottle, My main concern was oil leeking onto the road and the other was if oil can get out water can get in, I think you might just have saved be a few bob there Eightpot. I will see if I can get the air filter housing out of a 300tdi up the road if i see the fella whos breaking it.

Thanks guys


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As said at the start of the thread i'm running the old air box. To have somwhere to put the breather pipe I cut a hole in the inlet part of the box, welded a bit of steel tube over the top of the hole then connected breather pipe to the bit of steel tube, works a treat! ;) I was just worried about the tdi air box being a slightly different size....

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