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Oh COURSE I wouldn't..............

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SWMBO said

"Nige, someone on the phone says he stuck in the snow could you come and rescue him"

WTF ???? 8.17am ?

Ho Hum, phoned back and voice confirmed.

Up, into kit and into 90

Grabbed neighbour....oh and a camera.

Up the hill from where I live, chaos, only about 6 inches of snow but cars everywhere, and what loked like a DOC..WAAAAH van stuffed into the verge, drove around the lot, got to hindhead, problem sorted, big grin and Forum member who WILL not be named drove home back to Oxford in

...........His LOTUS :)

post-22-1207498284_thumb.jpg post-22-1207498294_thumb.jpgpost-22-1207498316_thumb.jpg

Need some diamond tyres on that methinks :lol:

As I drove away he said

"Suppose that will be on the forum later"

"Of course not............." :P

Nige :lol:

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I'd have thought even the mystery forum member could have just picked up the lotus and carried it under his arm they are so light!

Maybe he's not been eating his crusts! ;)

Although Horsham had a fair bit of snow - it didn't really settle on the roads. No fun!


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Guilty as charged! :lol::lol::lol:

Just to set the scene - I was planning to meet a few friends down at Goodwood yesterday for the breakfast club and stayed with one of them on Saturday night to make the journey on Sunday morning a bit shorter. Wake up at 6.15, look out of the window and its dry and doesn't look too threatening. "Result" I think. I jump in the Lotus and my mate jumps into his Caterham R400 and we blat it across to Guildford to meet up with some Pistonheaders and go down in convoy. We have a couple of little snow showers but nothing serious. Once we head off my mate has problems with his helmet steaming up (no windscreen on his caterham) and we stop and loose the rest of the convoy. When we start again I take the lead and things still look OK. We then get into the roadworks on the A3 and things changed very very fast. One moment we've got a wet road and the next there's 2" of snow lying. I then have a very long moment (bounce off cones very sideways for 3-400 yrds while despiratly looking for somewhere to get off the road) while matey behind me is bricking himself. Fairly shortly afterwards he fails to make any further progress while I get halfway up a hill before progressing no further. We pull the cars as far out of the way as possible while we get out some cones to try and deflect anyone who's lost control and then do what we can to get the road moving. It was chaos with no sign of the free recovery people :ph34r: . Me and my mate ended up getting several cars up the hill including one old couple who we didn't want to see struggling in the snow. We're then helped by annother chap in a Lotus who got further up the road, bottled it, turned round and then realied he wouldn't get back down the hill.... Anyway, it was at this point that I tryed to think who I knew who might be able to help the situation :lol: Que call to Nige. The problem we had is that even if we managed to push the cars they were simply too light, with tyres too wide, to allow us to drive and find somewhere to stop. Anyway, I eventually got a tow up the hill when the recovery people turned up and met up with Nige. He then gave me a lift so we could do a reccy to see what the roads were like. Hmmm, not good. Que a wait for an hour while annother chap who was going down to the breakfast club turned up in an XC90 (was supposed to be bringing a Lotus too but he woke up to snow on the ground so thought better of it) who would be heading home in the same sort of direction. He followed me back to the M3 where we had breakfast at Fleet services at about 11am. Not a great morning - I would advise against cut slicks in the snow :lol:

Oh, and if any of you were wondering what happened to my friend with the Caterham. Well, he turned round and got to a petrol station where he waited for an hour for things to improve before heading for London. When he got home he had 2" of water in the bottom of the car.....

Anyway, here's some more photos:

At Guildford Cathedral - weather still OKish


This is as far as my mate got. I don't blame him for chickening out; that car is mad enough on a dry road!


I made it a little further


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