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Damaged Hub


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Well, I've been a bit of a muppet. :blink:

The inner hub seal was throwing oil all over the brake disk, so I pulled the hub last weekend.

In my enthusiasm drilling a hole in the oil seal, I damaged the hub. The hub now has a grove in it, where the oil seal sits, where I caught it with a 3mm drill bit :angry:

Thinking it'd be fine, I put a new seal in and put it all back together. 3 days later and it's leaking again.

So, can i fill the grove with something, epoxy or chemical metal, and sand it down flush and refit a new seal?

What would ye recommend?


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Fancy drilling a groove in the hub body - TSK!

Yeah, I know :(

Cheers, for the advice. Will give some RTV a go at the weekend. Will just have to live with the squirrelly braking till then.

On the plus side, I'm becoming quite adept at stripping the hub :ph34r:

Cheers all!

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Just an update.The repair seems to have worked.

I de-greased the hub and filled the groove with chemical metal. Allowed it to cure, put a bead of RTV and pressed the seal in.

200 miles later and it seems to be holding.

Thanks all :)

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