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Hang on a minute now whats going on?


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Well I have 1074 now - all genuine too, no silicone, no football socks or anything.

Now working on the 'percentage of habitable planets in this galaxy' theory, it seems likely that 1/2 of one of those posts was of some use to someone.

Working on that same theory with regards to Fi's posts, I calculate that at some point she may have suggested to someone that a spanner is a tool! :D

With Nige, the sheer size and weight of his motor creates it's own black hole, thus creating it's own unique problems.

Les. :P

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Sorry to say I'm not entirely sure. I think it's actually staying. The percentage of forum members that voted was very low. You all want the forum the way you like it - so you actually have to vote/say so.

Post counts are all correct as from when you all joined this website, with the exception of James, who's bum we are kissing a bit at present! :D

Les. :)

Please note that I made a careful point NOT to use the smiley with it's tongue sticking out! :o

Edited by Les Henson
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Post Doctoring, Bum Kissing, and i thought this was a family forum!

only from Les, if you look in your profile settings, you'll find you can amend your title to whatever you want [it's a little bonus of having 500 posts, Provided it's family/kiddy friendly/doesn't offend :o

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