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Old (New) Sodbury Sortout


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I've copied this thread from Nidge (Three Owls Bird Sanctuary) on LRBoards ---

"Not long back, it was a tenner to get in, and an extra fiver if you took a trailer.(Sellers)

Last September, visitors were £5.00 per head

Solo LR with no trailer = £15

LR with trailer < 10' = £20

LR with trailer > 10' = £25

Fine, no probs with that

This September at Peterborough, visitors are £14 per head (5-15yr old £7)

Solo LR with no trailer = £28

LR with trailer = £45

I'm not sure how many folk will support a 100% hike in charges, certainly along with other rising costs the family day out to Sodbury is no longer the bargain that it was. Considering that entry to the LRO show was supposed to be optional, it seems as though Sodbury sellers are being forced to pay even though many would be manning their stalls and unable to attend anyway. (And Sodbury buyers forced to pay almost three times the previous amount!)

I note they have also removed the charity stall option, also "Sortout Passes only grant permission to offer for sale used land rover related items that are your own personal property. Any other merchandise including new unused items are prohibited."

I wonder how the tool sellers are going to fare now - perhaps have to get a stall at the LRO Show at their much higher show stand prices?"

Once again a great Land Rover tradition being destroyed by commercial greed!

Anyone going?

Or is it going to be a waste of time?

Is boycott the answer to send a message in the hope that it will revert to the original format or something similar?


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the family day out to Sodbury is no longer the bargain that it was.

ISTR that the Old Sod always discouraged 'family' visits as 9 times out of 10 kids were not interested and just got bored and made a nuisance of themselves. Just an observation for the record.


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Same day as L2B then. Muppets.



I have no interest in the L2B so a Sodbury that weekend is good for me, and I expect others will feel the same or the other way round, no interest in Sodbury

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Its not only the sortout thats gone up, the trade pitches are up by 20% just because LRO have taken over the show ?? they didn't like it when i suggested I paid the same as last year and when I take the extra 20% profit they were promising I would get in extra trade I pay them!!!. They said that I was asking them to gamble their pitch fee ? surley thats what their asking us to do and pay up front for the pleasure.

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