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Hey guys,

Spent the weekend in the garage in Lebanon finishing the plans for the Disco. Let me tell you that its looking sweet, you can see things here (I'll add all the previous pics there later on):





Anyways, specs will be:

TD5 Land Rover Deseil (current state of 200hp, 325lb/ft)

Nitrous (have to re-work some things from the old system)

Land Rover Auto (heavily modified and cooled)

42" Rubber

1.5 Tonnes


dual winches

~100:1 crawl ratio

That's about it - project should be done in a month's time.

A couple of questions:

1. Auto box, any modifications needed other than GREAT cooling?

2. What other than the TD5 ECU needs to be out of water?

3. Any chance in getting a MUCH larger hydro pump to fit the TD5?


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Disco's seem to look so much better without the skin. Nice work. :D

What are the black pillers adjacent the B posts, old cage cut off?


That's about it - project should be done in a month's time.


I got to spend several hours on my truck today and achieved almost zilch so tell us the secret ;)

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Yep, old cage...

I decided to dithc the RR bonnet as the camshell design means that the sides would not be easily protected by tubework. The beauty of the Disco bonnet is that you can run a 2" tube in parallel to it for protection and aesthetics.

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Nice job, Dino.

1. Auto box, any modifications needed other than GREAT cooling?

I suggest you talk to Ashcrofts. An HP24 spec build up should be up to the job. It what I had built for my truck.

What are you planning to do about cooling? I use a big laminova cooler.

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2" O/D tube works well to protect a rangie bonnet and I thought it looked kinda purdy... :blink:

Yes I liked yours and Rogue Vogues, I'll be very interrested to see how it can be done with a Disco bonnet.

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Thanks! I'm running 42s - if the Toy's give, IF, not WHEN :), I'm going 14b rear, D60 front, shave them MASSIVELY, but I am VERY confident the Toys will last with the huge drop in weight and "traction gains" from the 42s (no high spinning hitting high traction surfaces, etc...the usual benefits)

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trev, you're in luck!

Just came back from Lebanon and checking up on the truck...

Her are some pics of the latest update...3-4 weeks and we should have it registered and good to go...

The 4.2 V8 got a brand new camshaft, and the 4.2L ZF were installed, the DBA rotors and EBC pads will go on as well, along with the RTE bottom rear spring shims and the A-arm extension will be set on the 2nd level (more pitch for the rear 3rd). The underdrive is to be sent tomorrow and should be in teh truck by next Monday. We secured an old Signaw box, I'll post pics once I get them, but the guy guaranteed that it'll push oceans :)

The approach angle is sweet, and I'm planning to make sure the winch stays behind the chassis ears. The front fenders were nicely reformed, the hood remains intact, but there is no more BS in front of the wheel. Once we push the cab 2-4" towards the rear, then this should give ample room for the 42s. Clearance under the diff is quite nice :).

Now the BEST part of this whole thing is that my mechanic, who's my buddy and is handling the project as I'm needed at work most of the time, came up with the idea to seal the rear part of teh cab with the roof, and using the alpine lights vertically to allow me to see out the sides - not sure if you guys find it "attractive", but that's not the point here, its functional, and "smartly recycled" - I love it!









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I like the idea of recycling but won't it get confusing if you roll it trying to remember which end was up :)

Moving the whole shell back is not something I've seen before but sounds like a great idea. Avoids bullnosing the front and cutting the bulkhead to clear the tyres in one move. Neat.

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I don't think the "folded over" roof looks too odd, might not be to verybody's asthetic tastes but it's such a brilliantly simple idea it gets my vote on that basis alone. Pity you didn't have a roof skin with a sunroof to hand, that would have been really neat :D

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