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Hi,im so fed up with my Land rover now, please can somebody help me????

Following my recent posts, I put on news injectors but turned out to be faulty.(also ajusted the timing slightly, but drives ok.) Got some more new injectors put on new washers and some are leaking from the base joint between the head and injector. Got new washers again. STILL LEAKING, NEW PIPES STILL LEAKING. Im so tired of this now, first time ive considered getting rid of it. ALso the banjo housing screw piece off the injector pump broke so having incredible trouble trying to find something to seal it correctly and getting air sneaking in i think as not sealing 100%. oh im so tired, what is it? Why on earth are my injector connections still leaking, im totally out of ideas and patience....please somebody help.Ju

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Step back for a few minutes and have a cup of tea, then have another go.

Going back to basics:

Are the new washers copper? If not, they should be...

Are the mating surfaced clean?

Are the banjo bolts cross threaded?

It's sometimes good to step right back and start from scratch...

If there is diesel leaking down the side of the engine from the injectors or pump, the fumes will be very pungent. Probably getting in throught the many 'drain holes' that LR build in!!!

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as for exhaust fumes in the cab, there should be rubber seals around the lower face edge of all the floor plates/gearbox tunnel & make sure the door seals are intact & the exhaust system is intact with no rotten areas.

check the fuel filter is correctly fitted/sealed & the lift pump on the engines right side is not leaking.

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Thanks for that but i know it cant be them beacuse when i first put it back together it was fine for a while and then has gradually stated to leak more and more from the injector to head joints and i think causing the burning fuel as it stinks under the bonnet of hot fuel and is pouring out of number 2 for some crazy reason. Makes me wonder western if there if something wrong with pressure somewhere in the engine but then i spose that cant be the case as they would all be leaking as much as the other. On the last set of new injectors there was a leak from the actual injector joint, so the way it was built was faulty, i think to be honest looking at these i can see a very small leak i think also from the same place on one of the next batch. Is it me, am i going crazy or is there some crazy pressure problem here or is the fact that these are Bearmach injectors mean that they are prone to this. Has anybody else had problems like this with Bearmach injectors????

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Also Western as for seals being good on the doors, thats out of the window, literally as i have yet to buy new hinges and re-align the doors as are hanging low and not sealing hardly. I will have a look for rubbers in lower parts though, thanks

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thanks i will look into that but still need to get the injectors sealing better, how would annealing the washers make it seal better? I will double check that there are no bits on the mating faces as well.

Annealing the washers effectively "softens" the copper and helps it seal better.

I would say there's a good chance that the injector seats are dirty, especially if they were leaking prior to changing them. Carbon can build up on the injector seat which makes it very difficult to get a good seal. Have you tried to clean them? I know it would be difficult to do and you may have to make some kind of special tool, a drill of the right diameter ground flat and turned by hand would probably do the trick.

Regarding your pipes leaking, it sounds to me as if the nipples on the end of the pipes may be damaged. As you rightly say, if it was a pressure problem they'd all do it as they all receive the same pressure. Anyway, the pipes should be capable of sealing to more than cope with any pressure developed by the fuel pump. Are the injector pipes in line with the injector? If they are bent and screw onto the injector at an angle they may not seal correctly.

Have you not got a mechanic mate who could have a look and give you a second opinion?

Just keep at it, you'll get there eventually.



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what would be the easiest way of doing that, and how warm do they need to be???

Heat until cherry red and allow to cool slowly.

To be honest, given that the ridge on the washer compresses when you use them, it might be better just to get new washers.

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After my experience with injectors, you could also try:

  • Make sure the bottoms of the injector holes are clean enough to eat off - cotton earbuds dipped in diesel are good
    Don't overdue the torque on the holding down bolts, but make sure both are done up evenly
    Never re-use washers, false economy.
    Probably a bit late now, but try and keep the same injector in the same hole afterwards, as the pipes from the pump "bed in" to the mating face on the injector.

We're all rooting for you, hope it goes well.

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One more thing to check and this does happen ....... when you took the injectors out the first time did all come out with the copper washer??

sometimes they get stuck down the hole and are a b*%~~&~ to get out.

it was just a thought

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