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lack of drive in front axle


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need to pick brains

turned into work this morning and suddenly lost all drive. fortunately it was down hill to the car park.

Popped into difflock and parked up ok.

just been out to check and the front prop turns loverly but the front wheels remain static!!!!!

As my brain has gone blank how do i decide which side is stuffed without stripping it.

Ps i am i birmingham and its going to be a big orange taxi home tomorrow night to dorset.


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IIRC jack up the front, and try to turn the wheels, the one that turns the prop (when diff lock is on) is ok, the knackered one won't turn the prop.

that might not work, as the diff might try to spin the broken piece instead of the propshaft, so you cant see it, this happend to me at the weekend, turns out 2 of the planet gears in the diff had obliterated themselves and the diff wasnt turning the halfshafts, while its like that, its fun for drifting (rear wheel drive) lol, however i wouldnt drive the nigh on 4hr journey back down to dorset like that incase your doing even more damage.


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Just jack up one front wheel at a time (difflock out). One will feel fine and should turn the prop - the one with the failed CV should feel rough and won't turn the prop.

Not got your toolbox with you then...? :rolleyes:


nope not got a tool box with me!!!!!

not sure if it is cv,diff,or halfshaft just know its the front at the mo. Need to keep the repair work to the minmum of effort as i have elbow problems and am not allowed to grip with my right arm unless i have to. So its going to be fun stripping down the axle this weekend left handed!!!!!!!

and if i use the RAC saves me 30quid in fuel.

and if you think i am keeping my tools in the back of the disco in the middle of birmingham 4 days a week you must be joking!!!!!!

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the jack up method and see which turns does not work, you can turn either side because there is no drive at all. You potentially have done a diff, but if it is a shaft or a CV, there is a way to find out which side: Jack up the lh wheel, and remove the axle breather pipe. Get a screw driver and stick it through the hole. Get a helper to turn the LH wheel while you push the screwdriver down on the shaft. If the shaft moves the same direction as the wheel, the LH side is ok. If nothing happens, usualy a cv is gone on the lh side.


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the jack up method and see which turns does not work, you can turn either side because there is no drive at all.
Maybe I'm not understanding what you're saying, but with one wheel off the ground, if you rotate the wheel by hand it will in fact turn the propshaft if the axle and diff are both good. If it doesn't, either the axle or diff are shot, but either way you have to pull the axle.

I know this works because that's how I rotate my propshaft to lube it, jack up one wheel and rotate it.

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With a working diff that will work, as the diff feeds the power to the easiest to turn point, which seen as your other wheel is on the floor is the propshaft.

With a broken CV/shaft the diff might simply sent all the power to the broken shaft, as its easier to turn a shaft thats not connected to anything than turning the prop/gearbox/etc.

You may still be able to feel a difference, but its certainly not foolproof.

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