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New Roof


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Firstly thanks

To Rogue Vogue (Nick)

JST (James)/GBMUD(Chris)

Bishbosh (Charles)

For services/tools rendered :)



Old design I liked but Trees saw the roof in a very sorry state of repair the above pic was to be the first of many ending up with the rain gutters missing both sides.



a second hand roof was obtained

getting the old roof off proved far more of a challenge than I expected

culminating in cutting off some of the old rollcage to free it up.

Time for a change of design.

I purchased the removable brackets from Performance and protection so I could get the roof on and off for welding of the inner supports.









Just some roof longitudinal bars to add in time and some rear diagonals(removable) to make it MSA spec if ever needed.

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Roof looks very good TC, hopefully the thanks to Chris wasn't for all the welding! ;) ;) ;)

Just a quick question re your hardtop. I see a lot of Landys in the UK has those closed sides with no windows, isn't annoying in the traffic and when offroading? Or is it really not that bad?

Not that bad, but angled road junctions can be fun if you can't straighten out and reversing out in car parks is sometimes interesting.

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