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Springs, Shocks, Bushes and Suspension

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i need to fix my suspension with something that will last untill my trip. My ride will fail its expired MOT without a fix.

I know i need to fix my shocks as the rear ones are loose on the fixings. They seem OK not leaking but the mounts are loose.I presume a new shock will include the rubbers? This seems to be whats gone.

I need to replace the roll bar bushes. Will these all be in a kit bush kit? Any suggestions? Whats in a Kit? This confuses me.

I want to replace the springs as one is weak. Again any suggestions ? Whats normal front and rear on a 300tdi CSW.

I just want to get it UK roadworthy for a reasonable price. The upgrades will come later once i know my final weight.

PS part codes would be welcomed and i don't want to break the bank as this is a temporary solution but again not skimping to much. Money is something i can earn....doing it with crappy parts is not something i can live with.


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Just buy a set of genuine bits then, sorted. In fact, and it's rare I'll say this, but you could probably get away with cheapo non-genuine bits if they've only got to last an MOT.

I still wouldn't trust Britpart gear to make it as far as the MOT station though.

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thanks fridge. still after a bit more info on this as i'm still confused what a bush kit includes. Lots of rubber donuts but what are they all for?

Do you think i should just go HD genuine and see if they last for half the trip or at least the shake down to North Africa? Even if the shocks don't will the springs?

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As FF ^^^ stick to genuine

HD Genuine (that's Genuine) should cope with UK to N Africa and back a few times. HD can be a bit harsh if when you are light loaded though.

Bush Kit? Which one are you looking at as I wouldn't expect many rubber donuts in any bush kit from a dealer (you're not planning on fitting after market bushes are you?). From your original post it sounds like all you need are a couple of sets of bottom shock bushes and some roll bar bushes though I'd be surprised if the later needed to be replaced for an MOT.

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you don't need to buy a shock or a bush kit, you just need to buy the bushes that are worn. It sounds like you need a pair of shock bushes, and a pair of ARB bushes, and a pair of springs, If you are doing the overlanding thing then I'd recommend you buy the 110 HD Genuine LR springs for the back, and the 90/110 HD springs for the front. I would also get genuine rubber bushes rather than polys but thats a can of worms I'm not getting into now!


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I've just replaced the bottom shocker bushes on my daughters Discovery. A cheap enough job. About a fiver for the four. They don't supply new washers so take care of those. If you get the bushes out before you undo the nut, there's room to get a set of Vise Grips on the bottom shocker bolt. Whjen you do the tops on the rear. Use a nut cracker on the nut otherwise you risk breaking the crows footr mounting. On the fronts. The nut cracker that Machinge Mart sell needs a groove in one side, then it will fit under the shocker bolt.

As for springs. Go Genuine. Yellow/ yellow for the front. Red/ green for the rear. Unless you have a winch fitted then go genuine heavy duty at the front. When you do the fronts you will need new rings for the turret. Get Discovery 2 ones as they have a rubber isolator fitted.


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Thanks all. Genuine it is.

I'm presuming OEM is the same and cheaper from my local specialist.

Now i need to see what i need to buy. Where's Western when you need him :D

As i've been advised to get HD and Mike said Yellow/Yellow and Red/Green. I can only find Yellow/White and Red/Green (R/G seems to be for none levelled). Is this OK do you think.

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Guys, do i need to be concerned that my suspension is levelled? The Springs suggested say not for levelled. Mike is yours levelled? This isn't going to mess something up is it?

The Genuine springs are £29.77 each.

The shocks are £35.78 and £43.10, front rear. Thats £276.84 plus vat!

Are BOGE the OEM and will they be as good as the shocks are half the price?

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Considering my 110 CSW with levelled, can/should i fit these?

Its the front/rear shocks and the rear springs thats causing concern. The normal front springs should be fine.

I need HD on the rear and normal on the front. I'm well confused.

These are HD springs on the rear...


Is there an HD version of this?


These are Normal springs on the front...


Not sure this is the correct Shock

  • STC3769 FRONT SHOCK ABS DEF 110/130 PRE TD5 (G) x 2

I've not even started on the fixings, plates and screws and bolts and stuff. :o

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