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anti roll bars for and against?



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Just wondering what the experts (your) opinions are as regards the need for or indeed the need not to have anti roll bars fitted to disco 1s? do the benefits of not having them off road outweigh the need for them on road or vice versa? you decide and let us all know!

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I've had ARB's since i got the Disco .. but we've nowgot anew car totow the caravan with, so the ARB's and other stuff are coming off to try to help off-road .. ;)

I'll comment over the next couple of weeks what benefits/demerits the removal of them gives, first hand.

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I suppose it all depends what your main bias will be..

Off road ability or on road servility?

Personally I don’t think land rovers are not the sort of thing you tend to drive like a 16 year old in a hot hatch.

I have always removed the Anti Role Bar’s from my vehicles for its off road ability and drive on road accordingly, why rush to the next traffic jam.

Removing anti role bars allow the wheels to drop a little further giving the tyres more chance to grip.

Its up to you, if you want to chuck your discovery about on the road leave them connected.

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This won't help much :ph34r: but I recently drove a Puma Defender at Eastnor. On road it was fantastic with front and rear anti roll bars.

Off road it was pretty capable - only managed to get the TC to kick in once on the Press Route.

Try it without the rear one first - the front isn't naturally as flexible anyway, so it makes sense to control that if you can't live without the roll bars.

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I plan on keeping mine on as most of my disco's use is light off road and towing with high road mileage. Drove my mates disco which has slightly bigger tyres and no roll bars and it felt like a barge, I wouldn't have the confidence to slam the anchors on if something happened in front of me in a car like that.

It's taken a full set of polybushes, brake and steering maintenance to get that confidence in mine - with the roll bars fitted and 4 new goodyear wrangler HP's. I drive like miss daisy but I know other people don't :) Had a few 'bloody hell!!!! screeeeeeeccchhhhh' moments in the country lanes round my village, mostly due to kiddies in little hatches and scooters but still I don't think I do enough off roading to warrant loosing the on road stability.

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Disco 1 94 Tdi 200 210k klm

No ARB's when bought it handled badly on the road shockies worn and the springs had sagged.

Fitted a 2" lift with replacement shockies and springs with poly air bags in the rear.

It now handles great on the road and has excellent travel off road.

I have a video some where I'll have a go at attaching it.

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IMHO, if it's just for road, ARB's on, seemed to make a noticeable difference with the standard suspension etc. However with 2 inch lift (stiffer springs) it seemed about the same with them on and off, and every other time I went off raoding, it sheared one of the rear ARB ball joints, which to gets expensive, and also has a habit of eating through brake lines... fail...

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Oh I dunno my ARBless 200disco with lift etc used to drift quite well on three wheels when pushed - seemed to scare others though :lol:

Same, I have removed the anti roll bars from my late 200tdi and dont have any issues with the +2inch OME lift kit that I run bodyroll is actually less than in dads stock 90 and I certainly have no issues keeping up with traffic on country roads. Off road I think it certainly does help espically when running a lift kit or longer shocks as you arent limiting your travel.

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I agree with pwam2006, I put HD springs (+2") and toughback shocks, which stiffened up the whole truck.

After doing a few off road excursions, I the rear anti roll bar chassis mounts (the u shaped bits that are part of the chassis) fell off, allowing my ARB to be dragged around. Whipped that off and didn't notice a difference, so didn't put it back on. This weekend, just installed my front LSD to accompany the rear, and removed the ARB while I was there.

Havn't noticed any difference yet, except for the LSD, but handling wise, it's same as before.

This is with new shocks and springs, Tired shocks/springs may well have a noticeable difference with/without the ARB. But then again, I know that I'm driving a tall truck which weighs 2 tonne, and drive it accordingly. be warey of that and you should be fine.

I must say though, the ARB's didn't hinder my progress off road too much to be honest. They will and do, don't get me wrong, but for light green laning / pay and play days, I didn't have a problem.

My 2 pence

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