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To paint or not to paint


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I've ripped the storage box out from under my Defenders drivers seat and made a new deeper one from aluminiun

So do I paint it or not ?

I would, if it was mine. Paint will add some protection from getting worn down etc and help protect the metal from anything that will cause it to react and turn to power.


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I hate it when things turn to power! ph34r.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Darn, Can't even edit it now, guess should have read, powder, what's a D between friends......... guess that's what should be on my hat today!!


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No dont paint it Mike, just liberally smear vaseline all over it!! :P Years ago I rebuilt a Fiat 124 sport Coupe, ( dont ask) then I drove into someone and mullered the tip of the front wing, So I beat I into submission with a hammer and Dolly, then attatcked it with a sanding disk, and a sander. So it was back to shinny bare metal, then before I could fill and prime it (october time) the weather turned, Any way smeared vaseline over it, and 9 months later, thro a BAD winter, (bearing in mind this was a FIAT of '74 vintage, well more of a collander really) it was still shinny underneath. So I wiped it off with some thinners and sprayed it up. Looked good, till the engine fell out! :(

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Well it's in. Unpainted....

Yes I remember the FIAT 124 Coupe. A real flying machine in its day. I worked for the FIAT Lancia dealer in 1973...Nice twin cam engine that FIAT made 112 BHP as standard IIRC. Was going to put one into my Avenger rally car until the RAC MSA changed the regulations.

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OT post...............

Had a Alfa Twin cam in my Talbot Sunbeam Rally Car ....................oh the 80's golden years for Rallying wink.gif

I had a lovely Sunbeam 1300. I was going to put the Alfa 1300 in it then the MSA stepped in again.....

Did you do road or stage events Les ? I did road. I still miss it. Motoring News events especially.

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Did loads of night rally's and Nav Ex's in a 1440 Mini laugh.gif

Then went to Tarmac Stages in the 1300 Sunbeam, wanted more power so stuck in a 2.4 Alfa, then kept on breaking stuff as it moved its way to the rear wheels !

Gearbox, diff, shafts.............................ph34r.gif

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