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Fitting a 90 fuel tank to a 110? - Twin tanks

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I am in the process of getting ideas together for a twin tank conversion in order to effectively run vegetable oil or any mix of it.

I think I have decided the best way to do it is to have a second tank for diesel with a pollak 6 port to split the tanks so I can start and stop on diesel and run on veg with a series of fuel heaters.

So I need another tank to hold the non-mixed diesel.

So history aside...can I fit a 90 fuel tank to a 110? seems a simple solution and would mean I can easily fit a gauge and a guard. There is nothing non standard on the RHS underside of my vehicle apart from rock sliders.

Pictures would be good also :)



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I have a 90 tank under the drivers seat on my LPG 110. I made the front mount out of angle but these are available for about £25 and at the back with two 40mm spacers the tank bolted back onto the outrigger. Mine is a station wagon so I have a filler under the seat series style

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I brought a new 90 tank to do this and the correct land rover metal work that comes of the chassis, The plan was to use a series filler, which fits to the tub. I also brought on the advise of my local LR specialist that also fits lpg kits, a couple of lpg/petrol switch over valves really cheap. when connected the fuel gague will change to which ever tank is turned on.

However I then brought a 110 for spares that had a extra long range tank fitted under the drivers seat which also filled up in that position the same as the series military vechiles. If you can find one of these I think it would be the best option, I have seen them on Ebay and they are genuine land rover.

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Mines a CSW aswell, so what is the best option for the filler? can I do this with all land rover parts? possibly including the change over equipment?

Land rover did a long range tank si would imagine they did switch over gear as well, there is a parts request section on here under the forums> might be worth putting in a request on there for part numbers. In the pass I have seen them for sale on Ebay., i think the best option for the filler is to have it mounted directly on to the tank so its directly under the drivers seat.

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My Camel is a station wagon and has the under-driver-seat tank (as they all did I think) and there are no issues.

It fills from the top. You remove the driver seat base and metal plate to access it.

It'll be a Land Rover part.

I'm sure someone with more experience will know if the tanks are a different shape or the same.

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I am doing the same thing. The proper Defender long range tank is obsolete and I cannot find one anywhere. I am using a Series Military one from Bearmach who have a few, no one else seems to have any. I don't have the part number to hand, but I should be able to get it next week.

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Hmm I need a aux tank not a extender tank

may have a new plan if LR parts don't work

fit these parts...

33L fuel tank £65


Deck filling kit £16


Filler cap £19


then when I find more cash...

Electric sendor and gauge



If I do that I should be able to fit the full conversion for less than £200, what do you think?

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