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Sod's law


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Last week I changed my D90's hard top for the soft top that has been in the garage for the last three years. Since then it has rained almost constantly - I suspect that the low rainfall of the last few years will soon be a thing of the past.

In changing over roofs I had to remove the high lift jack which lives vertically on the back of the car. Needing to do some more work on the seatbelt mounts and the roll hoop I left the jack out of the car pending permanent relocation inside the car (with the Quickfists I now have).

Today, the work having been done, and on the way home from Slindon on the A36 just outside Romsey I heard what I thought must have been a helicopter above me. I soon worked out that it was the O/S trailer tyre going flat. Of course, you know where the jack still is, don't you? Still, the very nice man was quite quick getting out to me and at least I had a serviceable spare.

I have not had a roadside puncture for years - possibly never in the Landrover - and all that time I wondered why I carried the bloody jack everywhere. Now I know. :)


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sounds about right.... in 6 years of ownership my old 110 only ever let me down twice.. but did it in pretty fine style...

fuel lift pump went on that fast sweeping bend as you aproach the dartford tunnel from the kent side, outside lane, doing 70mph... not a nice place to stop and phone for help. :angry:

clutch fork punched through, 220 miles from home in Glastonbury last year, on a bloody hot day, with one of Ifor Williams' larger models on the back... 7 hours in a sweaty recovery truck later.... :(

Landrovers Eh... why do we do it. :rolleyes:

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Ive only had one nasty breakdown (well...more of a breakoff than a breakdown)

SIII, 2.25 diesel hammering down the A31 in a dual carriageway section. Really pleased that I had managed to get it up to 65mph, sun was shining, roof was off, lovely day.

But...the bonnet catch decided that after 30 odd years of holding on to the bonnet it was finally going to let go. And it did - bonnet stayed up for about 5 seconds or so just so I couldnt see what I was going to hit as I carrered off the dual carriageway onto the verge thanking God that I had rebuilt the brakes recently. It then detached itself and landed in the middle of the dual carriageway, fortunatly not hitting anything on the way.

When I got it back it was suitably flat. I have kept it as a trophy - it is now part of a bar, suitably named "Zebar" after the "Zebra"...

Some people say its Murphys law...I just reckon im cursed.

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Only had one in the Landy (so far). Local garage fitted new callipers to the 110 and didn't tighten them up to the hub - end result was two callipers wrecking two alloy wheels and scaring the life out of me & my family at 60mph in the snow one day. Sods law was its the only time I have ever let a garage work on anything mechanical on one of my cars, I always do the work myself.

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My clutch fork holed near abergavenny a few years ago, i still drove the damn thing back to worthing (near brighton west sussex) though. managed 136miles without a gear change from getting to the M4 till i left the M23. :D

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this will teach me for blaming the rain on you Chris.

Tony kindly delivered a UJ to me today so what do i manage to do? firstly dropped one of the caps and spent ages looking for that last needle bearing, then putting in the last two cups one of the needles dislodged and i could get it back in place without removing one of the caps which reuslted in one the needles in the other cap coming out and being crushed - so now i need another cap! which means new UJ and unfinished job!!!!

despite having three other UJs at home of different makes, none of the needles fit this one - typical!

Oh well , that will teach me

New outrigger (rear) is welded in place though so at least thats done.

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