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Why is my rubber perishing...?


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During the rebuild, I put in new handbrake and hi/lo rubber gaiters. They've both perished in less than 2 years, and I'm just wondering if its down to carp rubber these days....?

Is there anything you should (or shouldn't) put on them to prolong their life..?



PS - they were LR Genuine Parts, not *raddocks etc

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I had the same problem with a propshaft gaiter. Completely perished after zero miles. I was given to understand that modern rubber has to be biodegradeable because Europe says so.

There was discussion a while back about tyres having to be replaced after x years for same reason, regardless of mileage.

You're not supposed to use Vaselene on rubber.

Why not make your own gaiters out of leathercloth or similar?

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I think you need to rub your self down to your local main dealer and buy genuine ones.

The 'cheap as chips' (sorry Nick) ones are made from recycled chewing gum (or so I believe).

Good quality rubber seals and components are expensive. There is no two ways about it. If it's cheap - it will be rubbish.

Don't believe me? Try buying one of each & see for yourself.


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