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Wolf / Steel Wheels. Help please.

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If i wanted to swap my boost alloys for Wolf / Steel wheels which size do i get. I obviously want new tyres also but is there a standard size for Wolf / Steel wheels for my 110 defender ?

The ones i can see on Ebay have 205/80r16xpc tyres. Is this the right size. I know nothing about offsets etc,,, so your help is appreciated.


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So as the rims are 16 can you fit the same tyres i.e 235/85 ? Not wanting to start an argument......

Will the hubs i have with the Boosts work. I think i saw something about longer bolts? (obviously the nuts need changing for the not capped type)

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I'd go for either some 7.50R16 tyres, or the metric equivalent which these days is 235/85/R16. Goodrich recommend a rim width of 6" - 7" for 235/85/R16 All Terrains, so that would be about right.

You'll need steel wheel nuts yes. As for the studs, technically they 'should' be longer for Wolf HD wheels, but in practice it matters little and plenty of people use them without any issues at all.

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My wolf wheels have 255/85/16 BFG MT's.

This set-up gives extra ground clearance, wheel diameter is c33"

I believe this is as wide a tyre safely recommended for wolf rims.

However you take the risk of not while on expedition in remote locations being able to find a 255/85/16 tyre should you shred one or two.

On my recent Morocco trip I took a second spare. Next time I will not as the tyres held up brilliantly despite some very hard rocky tracks near the Algerian border.

South beyond Morocco I would travel as light as possible using standard items that can easily be sourced locally. Wolf Rims allowed of course.


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Thanks again all. This raises another question but has nicely answered the first one. I think i'm goign to bite the bullet and order 6 new wheels from Craddocks.

Will i be able to get 235/85 all over the place when on my trip ? I'm not sure i want to go bigger and i can swap over my current tyres to save a bit of money. I already have 6 tyres all GG AT 235/85.

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