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Forward facing seats for Baby seats

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Does anyone know if anyone other than Trakkers make forward facing seats suitable for baby seats?

Every time a talk to tarkkers I am told they are about to relaunch the lock and fold seats "in the next few weeks" - this has been going on for months. I now need to get seats or sell my 90!

(A complete Puma rear body might also be an option - but I would guess it would be pricy!!)

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I am sure that Trakkers and Exmoor Trim are one and the same. IIRC ET bought Trakkers a few years ago.

I dont know if they have had issues with the previous lock and fold seats but they are not currently selling them :(

Surprised no-one else has done anything similar.

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I used their forward facing seats for years for my kids with booster seats and had no problems. It's all down to the seat belt geometry, as the seat takes relatively forces anyway. The fold-ups are certainly strong enough for an infant, so as long as you fit the seat belts in a way that will securely hold the baby seat in position, then I can't see any problem. A fixing on the tub floor to clamp the seat's folding leg down so that the seat can't lift accidentally would be beneficial, but I found the cheaper (plus more versatile and and neater) fold-ups perfectly adequate. I don't see any advantage to their expensive locking seats.

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Mr happy,

Thanks that would be great. Am I right in thinking that the rear tubs are different?

Can u also photo seat belt mounts (if it is not to much hassle) and anything else that I need to think about.

Wish I cud afford a puma :(

Yes the rear tub or more specifically the wheel-arches are different. You can see the stepped profile in the spotweld lines on the rear panel, there is also additional reinforcing which should be apparent in the photos I've taken looking into the arches from outside.












HTH :)

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I asked Exmoor Trim about this several months ago, and they said the same thing, i.e. they aare redesigning (which would incidentally take several kg off the weight - can't be bad). They have kept me on their mailing list to keep me up to date with changes, and this is what I got a couple of weeks ago (without any further chasing on my part - I am a patient man :) (Plus I don't NEED the seats, teh kids can go in my car or my wife's car in the meantime, but it does mean teh 90 is exclusively a plaything, as it's no good for family transport at the mo.


Further to your enquiry with Trakkers for the Defender load area Lock and Fold seat, we have been updated on the progress of the redesign of the seat. The new timescale for the availability of the Lock and Fold seat is January – February 2011. The Company apologises for delay this is due to circumstances beyond our control.

We will contact you again when more information is available.

Thank you for your patience.

Kind regards

Debbie & Sue

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