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Rebuilding a 4.4ltr V8 - 2002 RR


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Hi All,

Is there anyone that can off some help or guidance? I need to get a 4.4ltr V8 rebuilt or replaced with a new/recon engine this side of Christmas.

Can anyone suggest a suitable company that would be able to help? Preferably a forum member so we can keep it in the (LR4x4) family!

Following the rebuild/replacement I'd also like to have it equipped with an LPG system, so any recommendations for this would also be extremely welcome.

I'm based in Dorset, but would happily send the vehicle away to be sorted.

Many thanks for any help available.


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Matt, I think most of us would reccomend Turners engineering in surrey they do re-con engines not sure on the prices of the engine you require but if you give them a ring and ask for a lady called Frida she'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have have a look here: http://turner-engineering.co.uk/

I got my 200 tdi from them 1st class service and really helpful too



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4.4 is the BMW Engine

VERY Different to the Rover Unit and horribly expensive to sort, plus you need an expert on these

engines, if someone delves into the electronics / engine removal / rebuild on this unit wrong

fixing the faults will be horrendous

Whoever and whatever brace yourself for one hell of a bill :(


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Thanks for the advice Nige..very useful to know.

I did expect the BMW engine to be more difficult to get sorted than the Rover V8's, just need to find the best company for the job (will try the suggestions above next week)

Only hope I don't have to sell my Defender to fix the RR :(



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get yourself across to a bmw forum and ask them

its the same engine as fitted to the bmw 540/740 (e38 and e39 models with m62 engine)

so someone on there will have experiance of who to talk to

out of interest whats wrong with the lump as i just traded in my e39 540 with 180k on the clock and it was a superb engine


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There is a engine builder in Bournemouth/ Poole are a mate is having his D2 ~V8 rebuild with top hats etc... a BMW lump may be a more expensive and overrated engine, having said that I did bump into a chap that had a M5 engine in his LM322.

Don't you have to tale the body off a LM to get the engine out.

I digress let me know if you want to know the name of the company which are doing the rebuild.

My P38 was converted in a place nr Winchester to LPG and I have done 10,000miles and I have been very pleased with it so far


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Thanks for all the info chaps.

I've spoken to a few companies now and it would seem I'm looking at between £3000-£4000 + vat for a full rebuild including removal & refitting. A couple of companies have said they would be able to do it cheaper depending on what they find when stripping it, which is nice, but all companies say subject to them receiving a serviceable unit in exchange - so I could be in for a higher bill if I get stuck with any surcharges :(

Bogmonster; I already have a very reliable Defender which I love to bits, the RR is in pursuit of warm driving though the winter months and some comfortable boat towing! My little 200TDi doesn't like towing big boats to much.

James; How I would love to do that!! If a manage to keep the Defender while fixing the RR I certainly see a 3.5/3.9V8 conversion on the horizon. I had one planned at the end of last year but then ended up with a job thats kept me in Thailand since February! (adding to my need for warm driving in the winter!!)

TSD & Jules; I will definitely try the companies you've suggested, might find out some more useful info about this engine. Jules, if you wouldn't mind and its not to much trouble could you send me the contact details? Love the idea of an M5 powered LM322!

Thanks again chaps!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all,

Thanks for all the input regarding this thread, thought I'd let you all know which route I've decided to go;

I love the idea of an M5 powered L322 but couldn't find the right engine for the right price so I've gone with rebuilding my existing engine. After speaking with a friend that owns a Land Rover workshop he recommended Warrington Engine Centre to do the job, funnily enough they have just finished doing his L322 which suffered from the same problems as mine. They've rebuilt plenty of these engines to know what they're doing, and considering they've just finished my friends it should be pretty fresh in their minds, hopefully that means when they do mine it should go pretty smoothly.

The downside is the cost...I'm looking at around £4k for the whole job, remove, strip, rebuild, refit and test. Not as cheap as I'd hoped but hey, at least it'll be done properly. They have said that depending on what they find when they strip it I may get a cheaper bill. £4k is pretty much worst case and isn't subject to any surcharges.

Unfortunately it does mean I'm going to (extremely reluctantly) sell my beloved Defender, which I really don't want to do because over the past 5 years I've replaced EVERYTHING that could possibly go wrong with new genuine parts and it has to be the most reliable vehicle I've ever owned as a result. I'm never going to get back what it owes but I never get the chance to use it offroad so keeping it just doesn't make sense. If anyone is in the market for an extremely tidy 200TDi Defender then let me know! I'll also be selling all my offroad toys as well, Mach 5's, Simex JT's, Warn winches and all sorts.

Thanks again for all the info, very useful as always.


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