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where to put hi lift and waffel bordes??

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Hi everybody, I have a 90 xs station wagon, and I'm trying to work out the best place to put my hi lift and waffle boreds (both 4 foot long), not a problem in my old landy as I didnt have seats in the back so they went on the bulkhead behind the drivers seat, but now I do have nice half leather seats and I dont have a bulkhead to fit them to! I do have a mount to fit the jack to the mount for the spare on the back door which would only be fitted and used when on the lanes or at a play and pay site but that seems a lot of weight to add to the rear door,anybody have any idea's or advice?

Many thanks


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Roof is a good idea, worth thinking about where the bopards are going to go when they are full of mud. They are really heavy then also, so keep that in mind with your brackets.

Hi-Lift would be best inside the vehicle imho, keeps it clean and working well. Strange you can't fit them in teh rear of your 90...

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unfortunatly the 90 is just too small to lay them on the floor.

My highlift fits lengthwise in the back of my 90 and also across behind the seats. I don't have a bulkhead, so that may affect things somewhat. Currently it is along the back, but normally fits where the land rover jack and kit used to be on the floor behind the seat, strapped down with the original straps.

I cannot take a photo at the moment as the back of the truck is full.

If it won't fit lengthwise or across try at an angle across the load bay. You won't be able to use it for anything else, but a 4ft jack should fit.

I have marked up the picture below from when it was newer and shinier (looks nowhere near this clean now!) with the two spots the jack lives (I have fitted tied down rings to the sides to stop it moving around).

post-3070-001341000 1287480318_thumb.jpg




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I have also seen hi-lifts mounted vertically on the drivers side of the rear. A plate with a lip bolts to the body mount and the top is restrained by a clamp mounted into the body capping.

Personally, I would put the hi-lift in the bin and get a decent bottle jack and a couple of blocks of wood...

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