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weights of wheels


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I was suprised on this issue.

I used to have freestyle LR Genuine alloys.

Swapped for Mach 5s

Expected the Mach 5s to be far heavier, they were not.....almost the same.

The reason is Mach 5s 8 spokes and Modulars etc can use thinish steel, whereas the alloy wheel has to have a HUGE lump off ally thickness to get the same strength, and although ally is lighter than steel, when you have that much ally there is no weight saving



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Fill the tyres with hot air (Nige will be able to help you there! :P )

That way they'll be lots lighter..............probably.

Les. :D

i cant believe that anything nige has anything to do with can be called light :lol:

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I have just bought some mach5 beadlocks and posted the question of tubes a few nights ago.Got varying responses but i have done the following-

Sikaflex'd the internal welds on the rims,put the tyres on with tyreseal(truck alloy tyre sealer-free at work :D )put the outer bead on with clear silicone sealer between the flanges.Decided to go tubeless due to the number of sharp edges inside the wheel,plus i would rather have my tyre go flat gradually than all at once :blink:


p.s my wheels are now a lovely shade of orange B)

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