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New rear pads too thick

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Interesting little issue with rear brakes, Have a 2003 110 back axle assy fitted to Gordon (1993 200tdi 110) and I ordered new pads.

Went to fit and they are too thick by at least 2 mm. Even without the SS shims.

Discs are on minimum thickness 12.2mm as per manual and I have removed the wear lip, otherwise in very good condition.

Pistons are flush with the caliper bar about .5mm.

Tried both Ferodo and Mintex both exacty the same dimension.

Distance between caliper internal faces is 47.5mm which is the same as a spare set at the local garage.

I am completely confused :mm

Any ideas anyone?

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At some point during the 110s life they changed the rear brake setup by making the caliper spacing wider and putting thicker pads in. This was in response to complaints of rapid pad wear on the rear axle, the idea being that thicker pads will last longer.

I would presume that you have ended up with pads for one of those later axles whereas you need the earlier, thinner, type instead.

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Hmm, that is well interesting that there are diff pads. This axle is non ABS and I thought the pads were BUT it is something well worth checking :-)

Looking at the two links you put on; there are several part numbers on each, which are the ones for the two pad types ?


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Think I have sussed it from forum help.

Thick later pads were SFP000250 which is what I have been supplied. Thinner ones are SFP000280 so will head off to get today.

Will let you know and thanks for help :-)

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