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Stem engines...A4 Pacifics


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I've been to Shildon this week to see the A4 Gresley pacifics again. This week is the last oportunity to see all six of the surviving engines together.

The crowds seemed bigger and heavier then when I was at York. I aly took few pics. Too many people



Notice how dull the smokebox is on Bittern. Just in from a long run. Now that's how I remember them.


A general view with them in steam

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My wife and I were there on Wedsnesday, total carnage! Worth it though :D , warmed up for a bit when standing on the footplate of Bittern having a gander. Apparently Dwight Eisenhower and D of C were in a bit of a state when they got here - D of C had its front all caved in from a shunting accident with knuckle coupler...

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I saw them today, just a shame I didn't have time to sit and wait in the que to actually get in :(

Are they all in working order still? Just someone was telling me that 3 of them aren't fit to steam.


They are in in working order except MALLARD. Mallard needs a lot of work doing to be able to steam. The NRM doesn't think it's worth doing it because there are three working A4's in the UK and there is just enough work for them. Another working A4 will take work away from the others.

The Sir Nigel Gresley works at the North Yorks Railway.

Bittern has just done a 90mph main line run, I think she's scheduled to do another soon.

Dominion of Canada is returning to Canada

Dweight D Eisenhour {SP} is returning to USA.

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