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Vapour project, PTO onto my D2

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Just throwing this one out there for some ideas..... it isn't a priority at the moment but it is on the cards eventually. D2's are generally not fitted with PTO's of any sort because of the floor pan shape just around the transfer box prevents it, but as I get older I prefer to run round in the D2 and it would be a big bonus if I had a hydraulic PTO on it, I could do a lot of the trailering winching and lifting that currently involves the 110.

So I know I need to do a job on the floor pan, has anyone scrapped a D2 and carved up that area of the floor??, I think its double skinned at that point, any one know what's likely to get in my way. I can live with remodelling the interior floor a bit. Now it's getting on a bit I don't mind playing with it.

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I have seen crank drive on the comp motors, ... and its an option, but I am not quite sure how it sits with the damped pulley (guessing not at all?) and I just think re-working the floor, ...if that's all it is.... would be easier? Also when I look down the front of the Td5, I don't see a whole lot of room. I am not willing to can the air-con either so?? :unsure:

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