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TD5 / TDCI shock on TDI

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My 300tdi 90 has just pulled a rear shock absorber through the bottom mount, so it's time for some new ones. I quite fancy Konis, and I have to keep it standard height because of getting under things. I have noticed though that for Konis and others brands, they do different models for pre-TD5 and TD5 onwards. In the case of 90s I am thinking this is could be because of the fuel tank at the back rather than the middle, and therefore having a different rating. As I am toying with moving the tank ( part of a re-chassis) I'm wondering whether I should get a pair of the ones for the later 90s. Has anyone any idea what the differences are - I believe the mounts are the same so surely it can only be settings?

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The mounts are slightly different on the back.

One a pre-Td5 90 the mount on the axle is a flat plate and there are four washers and two rubbers with one rubber and two washers on either side of the axle plate. On a Td5-onwards 90 the axle mount incorporates a pair of cups so there are only two washers and two rubbers, with a rubber and a washer on each side. The rubbers are different (sort of conical shaped) and the shaft of the shock is longer to accommodate this change.

Later 300Tdi Discos also had this newer arrangement, so when I put one of these axles on my 200Tdi 90 I had to grind the cups off the axle and revert to the older setup as the shafts on my shocks weren't long enough. I am told that the "extreme" challenge crowd do the same, as the later arrangement with the fixed axle cups and larger bushes restrict movement slightly compared to the older setup.

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Interesting! I wondered the same when recently ordering some Bilsteins for the rear of mine. I went with the TDI versions in the end because they were slightly cheaper, but going on what you said thats a good thing as my rear axle is an ex-drum-braked salisbury.

I've yet to order the fronts, however the fronts also have two different part numbers, with the same pre/post TD5 split. Did they alter the front mountings as well? I was again just going to get the pre-TD5 ones as they are cheaper, and again my axle is pre-TD5...

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As far as I'm aware the front axle mounts remained the same, though I've no personal experience of it. A lot of part number changes are just them updating to the nine-digit number format, but usually there's supersession data for that.

By way of example for the above info on rear shocks, this is the standard bush for pre-Td5:


And this is the Td5 bush:


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Im guessing its been covered before, but will newer TD5/TDCI 110 shocks fit on an older TDI 110 without mods?

Thanks in advance

Yes, they will fit. Front ones from memory are a straight swap.

Rear ones need either a piece of tube about 10mm long putting on the bottom TD5 shock stem (or a stack of washers) first, then use the 4 washer 2 bush arrangement that the TDi shocks used.

I have had this arrangement for the TD5 shocks on the rear of my 1985 110 for years without problem.

Regards, Diff.

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